September 23, 2020-Happy Birthday (party #1) Keaton!

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  • I got a bit of a later start this morning plus with Reagan having to leave for the dentist and the littles all having Bible study zoom calls, our work together time was abbreviated. That was fine though because I thought that I would have my others (who didn't have to leave or have zooms) to work on the laundry-that didn't work out well-as in I still have laundry on the floor of my room.
  • Reagan had a few fillings today. They were all mostly leftovers from her braces. However, the fillings today were mostly on the front of her teeth which made her teeth whiter. I am sure that after she is not numb or sore anymore she will be pleased with the work done today.
  • Keaton and Whitman had their zoom first. It went well, but Campbell had a sub so Campbell wrote me saying that no one was talking. I encouraged her to talk, but I'm not sure if she did. Her class went a bit too long for her so I think that she just turned it off.
  • As soon as I could today, I went to town working on the Sugar Club tshirts. Gracious, I wasn't expecting them to be so time consuming. I worked from about 11:30 until 2 this afternoon. I had to make Traci wait as I ironed the last piece onto one of the shirts. 
  • They had a good time with their Sugar Club. I know that they made 2 different things, ate pizza and were able to deliver their goodies to different folks. It was really a cute idea that they had starting their little club, and they were so proud of it.
  • I worked some more this afternoon on marking things off of my list. I do think that we might get to leave on the trip-kidding, we will definitely leave, but we may not all have underwear with us when we go. Tomorrow is packing day which means that I bet I will have at least one more Walmart run in my near future. 
  • After church tonight, we went to Grannymom's house to celebrate Keaton's birthday. She worked hard yesterday making a brownie pizza plus peanut butter cookies for everyone. All of the family was there-Nonna, Pops, Grannymom, Grandpa, Jason, Dana, Lily and Cash-so Keaton was certainly enjoying the attention that she was getting. 
  • She opened up quite a few presents-all ones that she had picked our herself so that made her super excited about getting them. I might have to start shopping like that soon too! When we left there, Robby dropped some garage sale stuff off at Danas house.
  • At home, Robby worked on getting the boys new tvs ready. They each now have a tv in their bedroom so they can both play their games on them. I think that there room is coming together nicely-the girls is moving along too, but they just need to find a desk. We stayed up, and kept the kids up, way too late, but it was a super good night.

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