September 6, 2020

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  • I guess this was our last lazy Sunday morning. I will miss not having to hurry at church and only arrive for church at 11, but I will be glad to get back to Sunday School.
  • The kids have missed out on quite a few things since the beginning of Covid, and church is something that I don't want for them to miss any more of. Unfortunately, I am afraid that church (Sunday school and Wednesday nights) might be so different that the kids don't enjoy it. 
  • Now, I am pretty thankful that we have gotten to enjoy the pool this summer. We spent one last evening there with our buddies. We went 43 times this summer which was the same number that we went last year.
  • I'll jump back to the morning-Robby was more productive than I was this morning. He cleaned the fridge-it had gotten so full that we couldn't squeeze anything else in there. 
  • Then it was church time. Reagan had to go early to practice a dance (not for church!-we are still Baptist) The sermon was good this morning, but the crowd was kind of sad. 
  • After church we went to Nonna's house for Sunday lunch. She made her corn salsa which is my absolute favorite-I guess that I should get the recipe so I can make some for myself sometime.
  • We then hurried home for our grocery delivery. I tell you, I shouldn't find so much fun in that, but I certainly do. It is like Christmas pulling things out of the bags even though we already know exactly what should be in the bags. 
  • Next up was my Sunday nap. I probably could have slept for another hour or so, but these noise kids! I did wake up in time to help Reagan with a project before we loaded up for the pool. 
  • After the pool, we ran across town to buy some ice before grabbing some supper. The kids ate and cycled through the showers before it was finally bedtime!

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