September 4 2020

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  • I sure do love no school days. I slept in just a tiny bit and was soon sitting at my window folding my laundry like every morning. Afterwards, I moved on to the dishes-it's the same every day...but this day there was no school work to be done.
  • Well, there was some school work-I did a tiny bit of spelling with Whitman. I did buy that new book, but I'm not completely giving up on the real spelling book. A legit homeschool mom would call the book that I bought "twaddle"-I haven't seen it yet, but I know that I will call in a "sanity saver."
  • Around noon, I did got upstairs to wake Reagan up. She was up, dressed (well pajama bottoms with a Sunday shirt on), and asking me to do her hair when I got up there. She had her first English test and didn't know that it was a test so her score panicked her. I tried to assure her that bombing one test is fine-I hate it, but honestly it will probably make her take that class a bit more seriously. She has already been working hard on her upcoming science test.
  • Keaton didn't come home until late in the afternoon. She had a bit time at Nonna and Pops' house. She really enjoyed her time there and came home telling us all about her birthday presents that she found.
  • We did meet the buddies at the pool tonight. Our pool days are coming to an end this year, and I just can't decide if I am happy about that or not. I don't love the hassle of the pool, but I do enjoy relaxing at the pool. We have been 42 times this year, so that is a pretty good year for us.
  • Once we came home, we had Chinese for supper-Robby picked some up. Then the kids were able to stay up pretty late tonight. They must have been tired because I didn't hear much chatting after bedtime.

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