September 25, 2020

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  • Wonderful Friday! I slept a bit later than I really should have this morning, but I still managed to get most things accomplished this morning. There was lots of chores and some more packing. I do think that it isn't a great thing to be finished packing too early-like I am, because I just keep adding more and more things to the camper.
  • Anderson was the last one to pack his clothes-and yes, he does now have enough undies. Well, men's underwear is pretty expensive, so he has more than he did, but not as many as the others. Keaton has enough underwear to wear a clean pair each day of the month without me doing any laundry.
  • Enough about underwear, things are packed and ready to go. The bikes are on the bike rack and the van will be hooked up tomorrow. I even spent some time cleaning the house. I had about half as much time to clean as I wanted, so the house is just kind of cleaned-but it will work for me.
  • I did spend a good deal of time helping Reagan with an essay-Why Achilles from the Iliad is a sympathetic character. I guess I have slept a good deal since high school and college, but I sure never remember reading hard books like the Iliad or writing about people being sympathetic characters. I wasn't much help to her since I know little about either of those topics.
  • At 1, everyone but Whitman went to the Arkansas Food Bank to volunteer. He will be old enough to help next year-and really, he will do great volunteering. I will say that we worked like dogs today! We packed bags full of food for school kids to take home on the weekends. 
  • Anderson and Graham's jobs were to tape and stack the completed boxes on the pallets. The girls took turns checking bags, putting things into bags and carrying bags around to be filled. Plus there were lots of boxes to take down during this process. Sometime during this, I found myself making boxes and I did off and on for a good while. 
  • Once we made it back home, there was a bit more cleaning before Robby and I ran to Robinson to pick up supper for the crew. Brett's baseball team was having a fundraiser so that was supper-well, Shannon's cookies weren't supper for the crew-we ate some on the way home and have hidden some for the drive tomorrow.
  • After supper, Robby got gas for the camper then I found more things to shove in their. Seriously, I think I must have a problem. I finally found time to play a game with Whitman -he has been asking for a few days.
  • When it was finally bedtime, the kids were a bit quieter tonight than they were last night. Hopefully, they aren't quite enough that they can hear my freezer open-sometimes they get a bit fussy when they hear me getting my ice cream!

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