September 29, 2020 - Day 4 of Camping at the Beach

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Oh, there is something about camper sleeping. Robby and I usually have to go to the bathroom several times during the night. I drink too much water, and he is just old (not really, we are both old). At home, we wake each other up some times in the middle of the night coming and going, but in this camper we wake each other up every single time. 

That is fine though because we always just go right back to sleep. Part of the reason that he wakes me up is since he pretty much has to crawl over me to get to the bathroom since he can't leave from his side of the bed (it is right up next to the window-almost).  So tonight Robby has spent a good deal of time switching our sleeping spots-this means that all kinds of cords have to be rerouted. I am losing a drawer-which was filled with my flashlight, so it won't be a great loss. Hopefully we will sleep just as well-though we are now on different sides of the bed than we are at home.

Let me dust some sand out of my bed and start typing about today though. We could take a moment to talk about the sand-it is everywhere which, I guess, is to be expected. The kids are good about taking off their shoes, rinsing their feet and do work hard to keep it out of the camper. Despite the three different rugs that you have to step on to get in the camper, I sweet up handfuls 3 or 4 times a day.

Robby did buy a fish cleaning table just for this trip. It will come in so handy all the time-an outside sink plus a water sprayer. We have been using that to clean feet, rinse bathing suits and even wash some outside dishes.

Back to this morning. We did wake up a bit earlier than yesterday, but the kids were still pretty much snoozing. This morning we just grabbed breakfast from the pantry. Whitman came in our bed asking for a poptart. Robby listed the flavors that we have and asked what he wanted. I just encouraged him to want the first ones that we find. I tried so hard to load this thing in a neat and orderly fashion, but by the end you are just playing a life sized tetris game trying to cram things in, so it is difficult to find things at all.

The Fergusons went to the beach this morning with some of the kids for a walk. While they were there, Campbell caught a huge jellyfish. The water was oddly calm today plus they had a yellow (moderate waves/undertow) and a purple (sealife warning) flag out so the kids didn't really get in at all.

We soon joined them and the boys played some football on the sand while Jennifer and I sat shivering. The weather was overcast, windy and spitting rain off and on this morning. We soon headed back to our site and ended up putting up the second tent because the weather couldn't make up it's mind. Our campsite is smallish (not nearly as small as some here) so we don't have too much room, but we squeezed that second tent so we could have some room since under one tent was filled with all of the things that we didn't want to get wet.

We did all go to watch the Crafts back into their spot this morning. Then all the kids came back to our site for popsicles. Robby ended up cooking hot dogs and french fries for lunch for us and the Crafts. I couldn't find our other thing of buns for the longest so we were prepared to just use bread. Thankfully, I eventually uncovered them in the drawer with the pots and pans-seriously, there is food crammed everywhere.

After our lunch, the sprinkles stopped so we headed down to the beach. It was the most pleasant beach day ever. The weather was decent-I would take my sweatshirt off and then have to put it back on again over and over. As I mentioned, the kids weren't in the water, so I had nothing to stress over and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

There were walks, sand castle building, football games, KanJam games, snacks and all kinds of fun. It really was pretty nice-we ended up staying until around 5. When we left, some of my kids had already changed-Graham isn't a fan of sand in his trunks. But I do think that everyone (kids, that is) ended up in the heated swimming pool before supper time.

Tonight's dinner was our group meal-Mexican. We had chicken and beef and all of the sides. It was a perfect meal to end a perfect day. They did try to mess up the perfect day, by watching the debate tonight. Everyone crowded around Andrew's camper to watch it up on the big screen. Some of the kids even sat and watched it. As I took a few walks during the debate, I did notice that quite a few folks out here were watching it as well.

We did end the evening with birthday cake for Charlotte and Keaton. Candice had picked one up today so that was a fun finish to Keaton's birthday celebrations. Ha! I know that Keaton is now going to count down the days until she can have a party!

Once we came back to the camper tonight, we had a few messes to clean up. We left in a hurry for supper so things were spread out everywhere. Plus while we were eating, Robby did a load of clothes at the laundry place. I folded those while Robby straightened up a little bit. Soon most things were put back-though we just said that when we come home from this trip, everything will have to come out of this thing to be cleaned and de-sanded!

Tomorrow it should be sunnier so hopefully the weather will be better and the kids can swim some in the ocean. There is also crab hunting tomorrow night along with a possible sun rise viewing. The little girls want to do this, and we said that we would if others go-here's to hoping that the others don't go! We will try to see the sunset-that is much more my speed! 

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