September 8, 2020

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  • I am not really sure what day today is-even the kids have been struggling keeping up with the day. It was Tuesday, but our first day of school for the week. We started well this morning-but we didn't get to work together today (my favorite part.)
  • Instead we had to get our school work finished in time for a trip to the dentist. Anderson had a bit of school work left to work on when we came home, and Whitman had enough that I brought it with us while we waited.
  • We did have some good news at the dentist-he didn't recommend anyone to go and see an orthodontist this visit, and we had some kids without cavities. The bad news was that the kids without cavities was just 2 and the number of cavities is double our number of kids! (13-I'm not sure how what happens!) Another positive is that I now have 3 visits to the dentist for cavities over the next two weeks, and I will be able to get a book read.
  • Robby ran to pick up Reagan and drop her off at her school this afternoon. She wore her new shirt that she made with Grannymom. She also had her first real test-she said that she thinks she did fine. Hopefully so. 
  • After the dentist, we ran home for a bit and then left again. We did pick up the Heltz kids and headed to the skating rink. There weren't too many folks skating today-pretty much just us! 
  • They even had races for just our kids. The first one was for the boys-the only boys there were Graham, Whitman and Micheal. (Anderson stayed home to help Robby a bit in the yard.) Whitman and Micheal both had skate aids so they zoomed around the rink when they started the race. Graham, who had to work hard today in the ice and on the rink to skate, was slow and steady. The little boys were on the third turn when they both, with Whitman in the lead, did not go around the cones which disqualified them. But along came Graham crawling along-he knew the rules and won the race! Graham was thrilled-he won. Whitman was thrilled-he thought he won. Everyone was happy! Everyone was super happy when the manager handed them all a bag of chips for participating.
  • After skating, we dropped our Keaton off at Grannymom's house to do some birthday shopping and spend the night. She was super excited about it. As soon as we came home, I was only home for a little bit before heading to Raymar for a church thing.
  • The kids at home had supper and pretty much vegged out all evening long. I was home in time to check some school work, put things in the camper and clean some shoes. Now on the way home tonight, I did stop to pick up some ice cream! It has been that kind of day!

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