September 9, 2020

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  • I do believe that this was the last busy day of this week-or at least I hope so! I started this morning with a trip to get the camper aligned. I didn't do any of the work, I just followed Robby and brought him home.
  • Keaton had spent the night at Grannymom's house so she wasn't home this morning. She had already finished today's work on Monday, but since she wasn't here we did not do our together work. This was good though because it helped everyone else finish a wee bit earlier.
  • Reagan seems to be slammed right now. Since yesterday was her classes, today she has quite a bit of work. She is a bit of an overachiever and worked hard at getting a lot finished today (even what is due in two weeks.) That is fine though-except was haven't still added Spanish to her list of things to do. My goal is to do the first few lessons with her so she can realize that they aren't too bad-hopefully they won't be too bad!
  • Whitman wasn't in any hurry today even though I was in a hurry. He was still doing school before lunch when I left with Robby to pick up the newly aligned camper. I did make him work until after 1 until I fed him-don't call scan or anything, but that did light a fire under him. He move much quicker when I explained there wouldn't be lunch until most school was done. I should just probably start his school at 11:30-then it would be lunch time soon and I could tell him to speed up for food and he would!
  • Keaton was home next-she had a big day shopping with Grannymom. She wouldn't tell me what all she found for her birthday, but she did tell me that she found lots of fun things! She is so excited about her birthday-almost too excited since we have 2 other birthdays before her birthday.
  • Soon it was time for the Sugar Club to show up at the house. Keaton, Campbell and their friends came up with the idea of baking things and passing them out to people to brighten their day. The girls all worked hard baking-we made two batches of brownie crinkle cookies and 2 batches of muddy buddies. 
  • We worked on designs for their tshirts, and then loaded up their bags of goodies. We had a ton-around 25 bags! Then we headed out to pass them out-first to Charlotte's neighbor. Then to the gas station down the road-when we left there, we had given out over half and the girls were saying that they wanted to do this every week.
  • Then it was on to the fire station, Dollar General and Shannon and her street. There were 2 Facebook posts about their kindness so they were tickled! We came home in time for us to eat supper, before heading off to our first Wednesday night church since March.
  • It was the same, but it was different-pretty different. About 1/3 as many kids, all masked up, having to skip seats-kind of sad. Now, it was a bit funny seeing that during the large group, the only kids not wearing their masks were the homeschool kids. You could tell that they aren't used to wearing a mask all day long at school.
  • It took a bit to round up the kids before we headed home tonight. Campbell wanted to play on the playground-like before-but it was closed. Every one did have a snack when we came home. Robby and I worked on the camper until bedtime for the kids. Then it was ice cream time for me!

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