September 5 2020

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  • This Saturday morning not too many folks were stirring when Robby left to change the oil on the camper. I was up too already working on my laundry pile. 
  • Next I went to town on cleaning the light switches-I tell you, there are some parts of my house that are just trashed, and I don't care anything about it. Then there are other parts of the house that I can't sleep because I keep thinking about how much they need to be cleaned-today that was the light switch plates. It didn't take long at all to do that task.
  • Soon Robby was home with our lawn chairs from the camper. At some point they got damp-when we put them up last time or during the hurricane drive. Either way, there was some mold or mildew growing on them. They all received a super good scrubbing and a day in the sun, and seemed to be okay by the end of the day.
  • Then it was time the call the kids outside to help for the day. Graham ran with Robby to pick up a trailer while Anderson was the tractor man. Everyone left at home, filled up the tractor with sticks before Anderson would drive to dump it.
  • We worked until Robby and Graham returned with the pea gravel. Then we went to town unloading the load of gravel. After Reagan did spray the weeds in the front, I did let her leave so she could go and study. I had some others that wanted to also leave, but when they understood that you could only leave to do school work, they changed their minds.
  • We finished with the gravel, rinsed the chairs, moved some lumber around and returned the trailer all by 3 so that wasn't too bad at all. We came home and had a late lunch, before Robby went out to mow some while I headed out with the girls.
  • We had 3 errands-first to replace 2 lawn chairs that were so broken that we didn't have the heart to scrub them. Then on to Micheal's to buy a cart for the girls' room. Finally on to Walmart to buy shirts for Reagan to sew. We found everything on our list so I was super pleased. 
  • When we came home, we were just home for a little bit before Robby and I headed out again. We ate a baked potato at Jason's Deli before running to Sams to pick up a bit of food for Monday night. 
  • We hurried home as fast as we could because the Wilson's were waiting on us...and because we had cheesecake to eat for dessert!  

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