September 20, 2020

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  • This mornings excitement was Campbell and Keaton being on the preview to the church's internet service. The first 10 minutes is a program they call Wakey Wakey. Meryl interviewed the girls and talked about the children and preteen activities at the church house. They both did really well, and I think they were pretty excited to see themselves.
  • As soon as that was over, we jumped in the cars and headed to the church house. This was our second week of Sunday school-it already feels like we have been doing it for weeks now. Pretty much everything is the same except for the masks and the kids are all spread apart. 
  • As I taught our lesson today, I made sure to sit far enough away from everyone that I didn't have to wear my mask. I just don't know when I will get used to that mess.
  • After church, Reagan had her dance practice for the Quincierra. I'm not sure how much dancing they got done today, but today we were celebrating Reagan and Robby's birthdays at Nonna's house so they didn't need to be too late.
  • Eli came home to hang out with Anderson, so we were plus one at lunch today. Just about as soon as we finished our meals, Reagan and Robby did show up. They ate, and then it was birthday cake time-an oreo pudding dessert for Robby which was delicious plus a chocolate chip cheesecake (which I used to snag Robby many years ago) which was also delicious. Two desserts...hmm, we have some of that cheesecake in the fridge now. I might just need a bite before bed.
  • Robby had some presents to open-a shop light from Jason plus quite a few tools from Nonna and Pops. They were both just what he wanted-since he picked them out! 
  • We soon all left-Robby with everyone except for Campbell and her and I headed out to do some shopping. I had 5 dollars to spend at Michaels which we quickly spent thought they didn't have exactly what I wanted. Then we ran to the Dollar Store to buy a few things for the upcoming birthdays.
  • Next up was Old Navy. We had to spend 50 dollars to get 20 dollars free. I was a bit worried about how difficult that would be but after grabbing jeans and a shirt for me, a top and leggings for Campbell, and we were done!
  • We did so well that we rewarded ourselves with Lemonade on the way home. There is a stand set up on Lawson during the weekends, and today they were having a sale so we actually saved money by stopping! 
  • As soon as we made it home, I snuggled up in the bed for a quick nap. My nap was good-the kids didn't bother me until Keaton started doing gymnastics in her room-right above my head. I tried to keep sleeping but wasn't able to. 
  • That was fine though because it was time to wake up-Eli's folks had come to pick him and Robby was working hard on the camper. I went to town pulling out things that we needed for the trip and worked until we headed to the Wilson's house for a bit before it was time to come home and throw the kids into bed!

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