September 19, 2020-Barn Raising Day 2

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  • Some days when I sit down to write the blog, I really can't remember what I did first during the day. This morning did start off earlier than usual, but it still started off with the laundry and dishes. What can I say, I am a creature of habit.
  • Soon, I was leaving with Reagan for her first soccer game. It was at her field, so that was good. Bless, Reagan's mother got rid of her uniform because she didn't know you were to keep them. So now Reagan's mother has to buy a new one, and Reagan didn't have a uniform today. I will say that Reagan didn't care one bit about having a slightly different uniform than the others.
  • Reagan's team didn't start off well with one girl breaking her wrist before the game started. During the second half, I saw Reagan fall and then hobble to the sidelines. I assumed it was her bad ankle but was surprised to see her walking around on the sidelines and then back on the field. It ended up being her knee that she hurt.
  • When she did come back in, she came back with a vengeance. She says that she is the worst player on the team, but during the last 15 minutes every time the ball was near, she was right there and kicked it to a teammate. She did super well, and her team won 1-0.
  • During the game, I spent a good deal of time texting Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. Whitman never text me back except to ask for a popsicle. Campbell and Keaton were my reporters to tell me what all was happening at home.
  • This morning they raised the trusses for the RV storage barn. Robby had rented a list so Anderson and Graham were given that assignment-Anderson mostly held the rope making sure the truss didn't fall while Graham had to crank the truss to the top of the posts. 
  • Casey, Matt, Aaron, Tony, and Todd helped today along with Grannymom and Grandpa. It really does take a village. Not only were they able to get the trusses up, but they were able to get perlins up. I know you are jealous of my construction worker vocabulary. In case you don't know, which I recently didn't, perlins are those pieces of wood that go the opposite way of the trusses.
  • I ran to ChickFilA for lunch-well, to pick up lunch for all of the people. By the time, I made it home with lunch, half of the perlins were on already. By 2:30 everything was complete, and Robby was texting the roofing man. Unfortunately, the roofing man can't come this week, but after our trip, we should be able to drive into a covered shed. That will be super nice.
  • It took Robby and I awhile to pick everything up. Laynie stayed to play with the girls and Noah was here to hang out with the boys. They were all busy so we just took our time and straightened everything well.
  • The Ferguson's came over for a little bit. The kids all played while Jennifer told me her beach trip menu-I took notes and have now started working on my menu. When they left, we headed in to pick up for a bit before supper. Robby did some sweeping and even broke my broom. He broke my broom after sweeping-he was chasing a bug around the kitchen beating it with the broom. After the brook broke, I finally smashed the bug with a donut box.
  • We found a smorgasbord for leftovers for supper tonight. We did have to add some chicken, but I do believe that everyone was happy with their leftover choices! It did help that we have about a hundred chickfila sauces leftover from today!
  • Robby and I didn't do much after supper-we kind of just found our spots on our chairs and stayed there until bedtime!

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