September 1, 2020

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  • Oh, I love these rainy days! It is so lovely waking up to the rain and thunder-made me just wish that I could stay in bed for a wee bit longer. Though, I had slept in just a bit so I didn't have time for any more sleeping.
  • School went well today. Keaton and Graham even did some work for tomorrow. This year things seem to be going fairly far. Maybe we are forgetting something!
  • I think that Whitman finished before noon today so that is a win for everyone. Now, Campbell did help him, and when she helps him she helps him a bit too much. He loves for her to help him, but I probably should help her learn how to help a little bit and not too much.
  • I left soon after noon to take Reagan to school. I think that she had a good day today. She is already stressed about her science test-I would be stressed too-taking a real test for the first time. She will do fine though but will probably have to learn to study.
  • Afterwards, Graham, Keaton and I headed on to the library before meeting Robby in NLR to pick up the car dolly. We loaded the car (mini van) onto the dolly and headed home with his car pulling it. Let me tell you, pulling a car is outside of my comfort zone for sure. I wasn't even driving, but I was a nervous wreck the entire time. 
  • We made it home just fine-not a probably at all. We actually made it home just before the second set of storms rolled through. Nonna and Pops came over for a little bit today. They bought half of a watermelon for us-it was still huge! Probably weighed 20 pounds!
  • I soon picked up Reagan and it wasn't too much longer that Robby had picked up pizza. We ate our supper, and afterwards we waited around for our Walmart order. It didn't arrive until much later in the evening when Shannon had come over for a bit.
  • We even ran to to help move some furniture tonight-well, I didn't move it, but I watched!

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