September 21, 2020

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  • Monday morning around here, and I believe that my weekly list started with over 50 items to be marked off plus another list of things that needed to be cleaned. I have marked off quite a few of those things today, but gracious me, I'm not so sure it is all going to get done...actually, I know it will all get done. Some may be done this week, but there will be things that will just have to wait a bit before they are marked off.
  • We did our school work this morning-the only excitement was that the lights went out during our day. Thankfully Reagan's zoom was already over. Most everyone had finished their computer work as well. The lights were off about an hour or so-I am just like a little kid though. I love it when the lights go off. I just think it is so much fun. (I so enjoyed those 7 days that the power was out here right after Christmas years ago. I hope for a repeat every winter!)
  • I left with Graham and Keaton for their dentist appointment at 2. As we were getting out of the car, I realized that I had left my phone at home. I knew that it would be fine-except my credit card is in my phone case which meant I couldn't pay at the dentist. I knew they wouldn't care since I am coming back Wednesday. But more unfortunately for Graham and Campbell, that meant that I couldn't take them to get a treat on the way home. Not having my phone was the most upsetting to me because I had brought my Bible study to do while waiting-and I had planned on using the Bible on my phone so I couldn't do that!
  • Graham and Keaton did great getting their fillings. And they were delighted to see my phone in my hand when they finished with the dentist. Robby had brought it to me-he saw it and decided to get out to run some errands so stopped by the dentist. The receptionist thought it was the sweetest thing ever for him to do bring it to me-it was pretty sweet.
  • I did treat Keaton and Graham to a Sonic treat on the way home. They did fine and never complained at all. I know I have said it before but if you need a dentist-I have a good one. He even text tonight asking how the kids were. 
  • Robby and I did some work on the camper-we added little gutters. Then he and Campbell worked on figuring out the bike racks. He wasn't able to finish with that because it was soon time to take Reagan to soccer practice.
  • Robby and I both went-we ran to Walmart. We bought a lot of nothing, but we did find desks for the boys. The IKEA desks keep getting pushed back on their delivery date, so these were also a good option. 
  • When we came home, we had our supper. Then I went to town changing over Campbell's clothes. She has a ton of clothes-she isn't great at getting rid of things that she doesn't want. Everything is super neat though right now.
  • While we were doing that, Robby and the boys put together one of their desks. I am not sure why we do better with big projects at bedtime, but that is what happens often around here. Andrew brought over some meat for Robby to smoke, and then we finally decided to pick up and call it bedtime. 
  • I am now going to use the eye drops that were delivered today with our Walmart order. The last year or so, I have such problems with my eyes being itchy during certain times of the year. But cheesecake will probably help it more than the eye drops-I'll try both.

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