September 28, 2020 - Day 3 of Camping on the Beach

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When we went to bed last night, Graham asked me how long he had to stay inside before we got up in the morning. He was ready to get outside and start the day already. It would have been a good idea....except that he was still asleep at 9 this morning.

We really all were asleep at 9. Reagan slept the longest and had a class at 10 on the computer that she had to scurry around to get ready for. While she was doing her class, Robby was making pancakes and bacon outside. Let me tell you, we do this camping right.

Today the bacon was cooked in the air fryer. He cooked one batch fairly chewy (yuck!) and one batch fairly crispy (yum!) The bacon debate runs deep in our house-actually Reagan likes it super chewy while Anderson and I like it crispy and everyone else, I think, like it somewhere in between.

Once the breakfast was all cleaned up, we walked down to the beach. I will say that the walk to the beach is probably a bit over a quarter of a mile. It isn't a half mile, but it might be close. Either way, the walk isn't bad.  But when you are going to the beach for the day with all of your stuff, the walk could certainly be bad.

Since we had the car, Robby loaded it up with stuff, and we just met him at the water. He dropped the stuff off, and while he parked, we had brought everything down towards the others and had the tent set up. Let's see-we brought a tent, 4 chairs, a beach blanket, 2 towels, a bag of beach toys, 3 boogie boards, a bag of goggles, some snacks, a bag of sunscreen and an ice chest.

All of those things were used...even the sunscreen, but I guess I didn't use it well enough. Everyone one of my people have red faces. I will say that I don't put sunscreen on their faces-they do that, but apparently they don't do that well. I will also say that I do put sunscreen on their backs, and I royally messed up on Campbell's back.

She has streaky white lines all over her back where I didn't rub the sunscreen in when I sprayed it. I never thought about doing this since all summer long I have never rubbed sunscreen in! On her second coat of sunscreen this afternoon, I certainly did rub it in much better. However, that was too little too late since she was already pretty red. Hopefully, tomorrow she will be just pink and not so fried.

The beach was pretty perfect-it was pretty hot out, but in the shade of the giant tent, it was pleasant. There was enough breeze that I could have stayed out all day. All of our people were there until about noon when they went back to eat lunch. Now since we had just eaten breakfast at ten-ish, we weren't hungry then. 

We stayed at the beach for a bit, and then went to meet everyone at the pool. The kids played there, and hopefully got a lot of sand out of their bathing suits in the pool. Then my crew went back to the site for our lunch. While we were there, Graham, Keaton, and Reagan decided that they did not want to swim anymore so they had showers.

We had a leisurely lunch of sandwiches before heading back to the beach with Anderson, Whitman and Campbell. The others were hanging out at the Heltz/Ferguson sites. Graham eventually threw on his bathing suit and joined us. 

Things were going great on the second beach visit of the day. I was even about to close my eyes when I saw Whitman bust out of the water stumbling on the beach holding his arm. By the time he made it to me he was sobbing. I thought that he had hit his arm with the boogie board or something.

I soon realized it wasn't that, but there wasn't anything that I could see on his arm. He was in so much pain though and eventually told me that he saw something red. I googled jellyfish stings which it didn't really look like, but did see that I needed some vinegar to help or needed someone to pee on it. (The boys were out deep and I couldn't get their attention-and I don't do that.) 

We walked back to see if anyone had any vinegar, and by the time that we made it back up the hill, he said that it was better. Soon little tiny dots started appearing on his arm. Back at our site, I rinsed him off with the sprayer and rubbed hydrocortisone on his arm. I meant to give him benedryl too but forgot.

Later, I was talking to Robby, who was out further with the boys when this happened, and they had been seeing jellyfish so we are pretty sure that is what stung Whitman. Within a few hours, the bumps were gone, but did come back a bit tonight. He said that his arm is fine now though.

Whitman didn't care about going back to the beach after this-I bet he won't care about going back anymore ever again actually! The others stayed and played for a good bit before we all headed in for showers. Tonight, we met all of our buddies at Seaside.

We have so many great memories of Seaside from when we went there 20 years ago. Tonight we walked around to the beach area-and almost got trapped on the beach. There was a gate that locked going out to the beach-and it locked with us on the beach! Ha! People eventually came and unlocked it, but we were about to have to go on a big adventure to find a way back into town.

We then walked around the green space some before finding some snow cones for some of the kids. Anderson, Whitman, Robby and I were the only ones who waited for ice cream later in the night from Ben and Jerrys. I really should have gotten the custard at the snow cone place like Campbell and Graham did because they got so much more than I did at Ben and Jerrys.

After Seaside, we went to Ben and Jerrys and quickly devoured that ice cream before going back to the campsite. Reagan and Campbell were talking outside with their friends while we set the boys up watching the Truman Show. I think that they enjoyed it-they had all stuck with it even though it was over 2 hours. 

Robby and I were going to watch but ended up going down the road to chat with the adults outside before it was finally time for bed. The kids were all exhausted tonight, so hopefully it will be another late morning for us!

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