September 22, 2020-Happy Birthday Robby!

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  • Robby woke up on his 46th birthday to some pitter pattering rain. It was pretty dreary today-I know, I feel like I spent most of the day in the car. Of course, the first part of the day was spent as usual-laundry and then the dishes followed by school.
  • School went ok today. Whitman did pretty good today at getting his stuff done. I did make him start with his math so that might have helped. We will certainly try that tomorrow too! Graham and Anderson tried to play a bit too much for me since I didn't have much time to get everything done before I had to leave.
  • Reagan wanted to go to school a bit earlier today which was fine. But that meant that we needed to leave earlier than usual. Campbell, Keaton and Graham went with us to take her to school. Then we dropped off some clothes, ran by the library, picked up a birthday drink for Robby and then dropped Keaton off at the Crafts and picked up Abigail.
  • I was home for long enough to work on pulling some clothes out of the attic. I was able to pull out 2 more garbage bags of clothes to give away. Then I left with all 3 boys. We ran by the Heltz to drop off some toys, to Hobby Lobby to buy shirts for me to make for the Sugar Club gathering tomorrow (currently, I don't see how the shirts will get done!), to the Dollar Tree for trip candy, to Five Below for xbox headsets and to Kroger for birthday ice cream for Robby.
  • Back at home, the Fergusons came over for a minute to pick up some meat that Robby had smoked for them today. Then it was time for me to leave again. This time I picked up Keaton and dropped off Abigail, picked up Reagan and Noah, picked up Robby's birthday pizza and then dropped off Noah. Yep, I have spent a lot of the day in the car and am just exhuasted.
  • Once we ate our pizza tonight, Keaton went to town working on baking her goodies for her birthday party tomorrow. 
  • The Wilson's came over to help celebrate Robby's birthday. We had a big oatmeal cream pie plus 3 different types of ice cream to devour after we sang Happy Birthday!
  • Garage sale stuff is loaded for Danas, party items are ready (one things needs to be iced) and the vinyl for the Sugar Club shirts are printing now! Tomorrow should be another busy day around here!

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