September 3 2020

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  • It has been a bit of a busy day for us. I really don't remember this morning-I will have to think for a little bit. Let me see-we did school, and it was a pleasant school morning. 
  • I am still struggling with Whitman's spelling. He can do what I ask him, but he just takes so long. Should I change things up and then come back to his spelling book-hmm, possibly that might just be an idea. He is already on book 3 of spelling so officially we are a year ahead. Thanks for talking through that with me-I just ordered anther spelling book. We will work on the new one, and then come back to the real one we are working on now. 
  • Reagan is plugging along with her high school work. She has a test on Tuesday (her first)-the teacher told them what to study and I did as well so hopefully she will do fine. I did count the other night and she has 7.5 credits going this year (Bible, History, English, Math, Fine Arts, Science, Apologetics, Spanish). She just started Spanish so we aren't sure how involved that will be. 
  • Keaton finished her school super quick today since she had worked on it all yesterday. She was anxious to work with me and anxious for Nonna to come and pick her up for her day out shopping. Keaton even managed to get to spend the night at their house. I am sure that she is having a blast-in fact, she is having so much fun that we haven't heard from her tonight.
  • At noon, Campbell, Graham and I loaded up to take Reagan to school. She just has one class today so we just stayed out. We ran to Kohls to spent a 5 dollar coupon. Then we hurried on to Bed Bath and Beyond to spend a gift card-I bought something for the camper and a birthday present for Robby. 
  • We then had to hurry to pick up Reagan. As soon as I dropped her off at home, I turned around and headed to the pregnancy center for the afternoon. I do enjoy it there-it is just so far away to go. 
  • Oh, yes, in the afternoon Anderson did get a hair cut. He wants to let his hair grow out some so he had a trim. His isn't that long, but it already needed shaped up. Our trimmers broke and the replacement has not yet come yet.
  • When I did get home this afternoon, Robby and I worked for a while outside staking the holes for the camper shed. It is going to be massive! And I know that it is silly, but I can't wait for it to be finished. I am even trying to figure out what kind of plants/shrubs I am going to plant to be a border between us and the new neighbor. I'll definitely have to save up for that project!
  • Reagan was busy tonight-making a shirt. She is modeling it in her picture. I didn't have any fabric glue so she knew that it wouldn't be washable. She had seen this shirt tutorial online. I had scoffed and said that we wouldn't be able to do that. My sewing machine is broken so I told her that Grannymom would be happy to help her-then I told her that I would just buy her the shirt. Well, she found the shirt tonight and I bought it-then she proceeded to make one with scissors and glue. Anyway, apparently it was much easier than I thought, and she plans to buy a shirt to make another one-look out Grannymom, another sewing project is coming your way.
  • At bedtime, I mentioned to Reagan that Campbell plans on asking for a sewing machine for Christmas since mine is broken. Reagan acted excited and said that there are somethings that she wants to make with it. Hmm, the children of mine are always surprising me. Maybe I should look into getting my machine fixed (though sewing machines with fairly good ratings are just 50-100 dollars, and surely I would pay that getting mine fixed-who knows?)
  • It was a quiet night here without Keaton. I am not sure why having one child gone makes the whole house seem different, but it surely does! 

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