September 18, 2020

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  • Having Fridays off from school is pretty nice. Though school might just be easier than not doing school. There was laundry and dishes as soon as I woke up. Then I pulled out school work for next week-you can never be too ready.
  • I read with Whitman, did Bible study with Keaton and Whitman and finished switching over Keaton's closet. It didn't take incredibly long, but I am glad that I just have 2 more kiddos' clothes to do.
  • Graham went with Robby to pick up the roofing for hopefully next week. Then Robby, Campbell, Graham, Keaton and I went to Walmart. We had ourselves a big time there. Everyone left with something. I found a few stocking stuffers. Graham found sunglasses and a notebook, and Campbell and Keaton also left with a huge new notebook.
  • The girls helped me quite a bit today working on garage sale stuff. I have one more bin to price and then I can cart some more stuff out of this house. Getting rid of things really makes me happy! But I think that I am the only one in this house that feels that way!
  • Also we even left with 3 big old bikes. One for Anderson, one for Graham plus one for Campbell. Keaton is also getting a new to her bike in a few days which she is tickled about. Campbell was able to pick her bike out since her Christmas gift (cooking classes) were postponed.
  • Soon after returning home, Robby and I left again to pick up some piece of equipment that they are going to need tomorrow. Tomorrow morning begins the second barn raising!
  • While we were out, we brought home some pizza for the kids. Then Robby and I headed out for supper with the Wilson's to celebrate birthdays. We ate at Little Greek and then had dessert at Catina Laredo. It was all yummy, and I am currently stuffed!

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