September 13, 2020

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  • Sunday morning here and I was making banana bread before 8-maybe I am growing up. Every kid that walked down the stairs asked what I was making. Unfortunately, as soon as the bread was ready, Keaton delivered it to the neighbors house, and we didn't get to sample it.
  • Before too long it was time for to leave for church-Sunday school. About half as many kids were there, but it was still good. We moved up with our sweet little first graders, so now we have sweet little second graders. 
  • After Sunday school, there was church. I tell you, I am still just so happy to be back despite all of the silly rules and differences. When church was over, we headed to Grannymom's house to celebrate Robby and Reagan's birthdays.
  • There was spaghetti and the best cake ever. After eating, the birthday folks opened up their presents-money and a sweatshirt for Reagan, and ratchet straps, Firehouse Sub sauce and Lowe's gift card for Robby. I think that had a pretty good birthday.
  • I worked on my brownie pizza for this evening along with a short nap. And once again, my nap wasn't that great. I played my game a bit too long and then I didn't lay down of Shannon's nap rules before I laid down (nap rules consist of-don't come in my room unless you are bleeding.)
  • Robby was productive-helping Tony along with mowing the yard some. Soon we were all heading out of the door to go to swim for one last swim party before fall. There were quite a few folks there. During the party and afterwards, Reagan's group of girls were practicing their dance for in a few weeks.
  • We left Reagan there to dance and came home to eat snacks with the Wilsons. The kids played and the adults chatted-Shannon and I were busy  making plans for November!

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