March 3, 2024

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  • Well, if poor Bentley has a few more nights like she has had the last few nights, then she is going back to her kennel. She wakes up and wants to leave our room, so she just comes and stares and breathes on me. She was up like a newborn last night, and I am way too old for that mess.
  • I guess it was a good thing that we didn't sleep much because we were too tired to rest well so that meant that we woke up when our alarms went off. Robby made cinnamon rolls for the kids and the extras. I had my shower and started waking people off, and soon we were all off to church.
  • Robby and I tried out a new spot today for church. It was different-I couldn't see everyone which probably helps me not be as distracted and it was not freezing cold so we might just end up there next week too.
  • After church we went to Nonna and Pops' house for Sunday lunch. They had everyone's favorite-pork tenderloin. We stayed, ate, and visited for a good while. Then we all headed home-I believe that everyone in this house had a nap except for Whitman. 
  • When Campbell went to get ready for Rock Creek, she went upstairs and wrote me that everyone was asleep. Anderson said that he wasn't sleeping, but it sure was quiet all afternoon. I guess all of the kids were tired-or maybe they are banking some extra sleep for this week ahead.
  • Everyone but Whitman went to Rock Creek tonight, and then we all met up at the Wilson's house for Sunday supper. The kids ate and then headed home, but Robby and I stayed and chatted for a while. We are back home now, and I am starting two try my second batch of sourdough bread! (I did make some chocolate chip muffins today, and they were good so that was a success, but really there are probably a lot of good recipes for chocolate chip muffins.)

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