March 9, 2024

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  • I have four recipes that I want to master this year: chicken tortilla soup like at ChickFilA, chocolate chip scones, chocolate chip biscuits, and rolls like Texas Roadhouse. Earlier this year, I found the perfect soup recipe. 
  • Today, I think I mastered the scones. However, I was out of milk so I had to alter the recipe some. First there was supposed to be 2 tablespoons of heavy cream in the recipe, but I already knew I was going to use milk for that. Imagine my surprise when I opened the fridge to find no milk so I substituted some sour cream for that. Then I needed milk to mix with sugar for the tops of the scones, so I had to use an egg wash and sugar instead. I guess I need to make some notes on the recipe so I can recreate it when the time comes.
  • After we had some scones, Robby and I went to do his mystery shop for the day and drop it off at Grannymom's house. We stayed there until the end of the Hog game, and then we went to Kroger for a few things-and milk was one of them.
  • Back at home, Robby rearranged his office, Reagan emptied the dishwasher, Keaton and Whitman played soccer upstairs, and then played Mario Kart with Anderson, and I did a bit of school work and read some as well.
  • Tonight I was super pleased with out supper-I was able to dole out quite a few leftovers. Graham at the girls' leftover sandwiches from Friday, Anderson had Robby's leftover Sonic burger, I had the kids' leftover orange chicken, Reagan had my leftover food from BJs, Keaton had leftover meatballs, and Robby and Campbell split a frozen pizza. It is pretty nice to clean out the fridge a little bit!
  • Then I urged everyone to start on their showers and now I'm considering going to bed since tomorrow is time change.

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