March 20, 2024

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  • The kids were awake a little bit earlier today than yesterday. At lunch, Keaton joined Robby and I on a run to Walmart. We grabbed a few things including a bike inner tube for Graham's bike since it popped when Robby was airing it up this morning.
  • We had another few errands on the way home and brought home lunch for two of the boys. It wasn't too much longer until we all headed to Top Golf. Reagan finished her dog sitting gig and met us there along with Grannymom and Grandpa.
  • We had lots of fun at Top Golf and were able to play for about two hours. I am not sure who the big winners were-Grandpa did win one game on one side. I think that Keaton won a game and Reagan also won a game on the other side. Also Whitman won the last game. I think that each bay (we had to split into two groups, but side by side) played 3 different games so I am missing a few winners.
  • On the way home, Robby picked up supper for us. It was a bit early for us to eat, but maybe all that golfing made us hungry. After supper, the kids went out to play some pickleball while Robby and I worked on the bike repair. And blast it, if we didn't pop the new inner tube as well. It was a different valve so it didn't go as smoothly as replacing the inner tubes have before.
  • Right now everyone is inside, and basketball is on the tv. Bentley is sound asleep already, and I think that I could go to sleep as well.

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