March 5, 2024

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  • This was the busiest day on the calendar for the week, and it really wasn't too busy. This morning we did our school work. Everyone's math right now seems to be pretty easy-they are all at the end or the beginning of their math books so there is more easy math which makes everyone's day go by quicker.
  • At noon, Graham had his second Accuplacer test. If you remember, he was just a few points short last time. This time, however, he had not really been putting much effort into studying so I wasn't too sure how the score would turn out. He rocked it though, and now he just has to take the math portion of it in a few weeks.
  • We came home for a little bit, and then Graham, Anderson, Campbell, and Keaton left again for Raymar. Anderson was working during Upward soccer evals, but the others were earning money for camps. They said that things were super slow today so they spent a good deal of time just hanging out.
  • Reagan, Robby, and I were the next to leave. We met down the road for Reagan's first time to vote. That was fun, and the poll workers even clapped for when they found out she was a first time voter. 
  • She went on to work, and we came home. Poor Whitman is missing out on a lot of the comings and goings lately. He doesn't seem to care at all though, but I wish he had a few more activities, but that time will definitely come for him.
  • The Raymar people came home, and Reagan wasn't too far behind them. I had made spaghetti and meatballs for some of the people. Then most of us left again for the boys' last basketball game.
  • This was the first game of the tournament, and they didn't fare so well. They only lost by 8 or so. The other team was super aggressive so it kind of psyched our boys out early on. Both boys did really well, but Anderson probably had his best game and acted more like a football player out on the court.
  • We came home, and the boys had showers and quite a few folks had ice cream. Now Robby, Keaton, Campbell, Whitman, and I are watching a tv show before bed.

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