March 8, 2024

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  • I always feel a bit like a slacker mom on Fridays, but for the most part, I did my own thing today. When I did get up, Whitman was already awake. I asked why he was up so early since this wasn't a school day, but he explained that Graham had set an alarm at 7.
  • I'm not sure exactly about that because Graham did get up early, but not until about 9:30. Anderson was up before Graham and came downstairs to watch some of one of his car races.
  • I made cinnamon muffins this morning. They were a solid B, I thought, but Anderson said they were a C. I wasn't too broken hearted over his grade, since it was quite a bit of work for just 12 muffins. If I'm going to have to work hard, I would prefer to make 2 or three dozen muffins.
  • I was a bit worried that it was going to rain later today, which it did, so I took Bentley on an early walk. I brushed her, she pottied, I listened to my book-we were very productive, but that is about the extent of my productivity today.
  • Robby, Campbell, Keaton, and I went to eat out for lunch. Then we had a few Sonics to drive through. When we came home, I read some and then had myself a wonderful Friday afternoon nap.
  • Robby and I then went to eat supper with the Wilsons-we had Mexican, and goodness, our taquito was so good. It was my favorite part of the meal. After eating we walked around Walmart, and bought a few of the Walmart brand candy bars and had a taste test with the real things: Snickers and Twix. And not surprisingly, the real candy bar brands won!
  • Then we watched the last half of the Bryant and Central basketball game. Now Robby is working on his mystery shop reports, but otherwise, the house is fairly quiet.

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