March 7, 2024

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  • I usually keep up with the weather, but I sure was not expecting rain this morning. I didn't even notice it when I got out of bed. When I walked through the mudroom though, I just stopped and stared at the rain like I had never seen it before. 
  • I debated not taking Bentley out for her morning potty, and just trying to keep her near Robby so he would hear and take her. However, I decided that I should take her so that rain did make that a bit harder-though I don't think that she likes the rain because she gets her business done quickly when it is raining.
  • We did the school thing-the big boys still have some work to do tomorrow while the others are finished for the week. Well, Whitman has spelling to do tomorrow, but we do that every Friday. 
  • The adventure for the day was taking Anderson and Graham out to look for dress shirts. Of course their little sisters came as well. We were able to find a few shirts for both boys at Old Navy, but then we ran to Academy so Graham could look for some shorts, but we didn't have any luck there.
  • I had told Anderson that we only had those two stops, so he was a little cross when I remembered that I needed to buy Reagan deodorant. Keaton and I ran into Target-and I mean ran-we were back in the car in about 4 minutes, but we had to wait in line to check out so that definitely slowed us down.
  • Back at home, I spend the rest of the afternoon walking Bentley (we didn't get very far since there was a scary dog outside) and reading. Reagan went to work late and came home late. Keaton, Campbell, Robby, and I ran to Costco to get gas and pick up some pizza supper for all of us. We even splurged and bought cookies!

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