March 1, 2024

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  • Fridays are always fun around here especially since there isn't much school happening. Robby had his Dgroup this morning so he was up and gone early. I just stayed right in bed until he came back though.
  • When I did get up, I started on my chores. I tried to be productive since Campbell is having her little belated birthday here tomorrow. Campbell worked more on the bonus room today, and tomorrow there is big balloon arch plans.
  • I was able to read quite a bit of my book plus do spelling with Whitman. It is his very favorite time of the day for sure-he acts like he hates it, but I know that he doesn't really. Actually, Anderson and Whitman spent a good deal of time today playing some video game together.
  • Graham and Reagan went to work this afternoon while Robby, Keaton, Campbell, and I went to a few stores. First we had to pick up Campbell's Spiderman birthday cake. Then Keaton had to go buy her friend a birthday present, and finally, Robby had a mystery shop.
  • Then we headed home. Supper tonight was fend for yourself night-Robby and I had meatloaf, but there will be no surprise for you to read that we had no one else that wanted meatloaf. It was pretty decent for frozen meatloaf. 
  • After we ate, we picked up the Wilsons for a Kroger and Crumble run. Crumble had our favorite cornbread cookie this week so that was fun. Plus we had a few things on the grocery list. I had plans of starting my sourdough bread again tonight, but by the time that I made it home, the starter had already deflated-and really, since I have no idea what I'm doing, I thought I better wait.

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