March 23, 2024-Spring Break Weekend at Toad Suck

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I'm sure I say it quite a bit, but our mattress in the camper, which I didn't think we needed, is just divine. Robby can get up and go to the bathroom, and I have no idea. I usually still wake up and hear him, but I have to throw my arm on his side to see if it is him that is gone. We both sleep so well on it-now watch, we won't tonight! Hopefully, I didn't jinx us, but our mattress is one of the best things about camping.

My alarm went off around 9 this morning so we could get up and start cooking breakfast around 10. We weren't moving too quickly, but we brought our stuff to the Wilson's camper and started on breakfast. Robby made egg in the holes, chocolate chip pancakes, and bacon. It was pretty chilly at 43 degrees when we started so I spent a good deal of time supervising Robby cook so I could be right by the warm grill.

After breakfast, we cleaned up a little bit, and then we headed to walk a nearby trail. When we found the start of the trail behind a Walmart, I was a little concerned about what we were embarking on. However, it was a neat little trail that was about 3 and a half miles one way. The trail was super nice and just meandered through neighborhoods in Conway. 

Anderson, Campbell, and Whitman paused at a playground, but surprisingly, they pretty much caught back up with us. We didn't walk the whole trail, but did walk a total of 4 miles today. By the time that we were walking back, we realized that Whitman wasn't feeling the greatest so we let him and Campbell pause at the playground, and we picked them up when we made it back to the car.

So Whitman, who knows? He definitely felt bad today. After we picked him and Campbell up from the playground, we went to Sonic where Robby bought everyone a big drink, and since it was also a mystery shop, he got a hamburger which Graham and Whitman both wanted to split.

Whitman didn't drink any of his drink nor did he eat his half of the hamburger. He even took a good 2 hour nap-Robby had noticed that he didn't eat any of his breakfast nor did he eat any of his supper tonight. However, by the time we built a fire and pulled out the s'mores, Whitman was back to his normal self. When I came into the camper, he was watching a show with Anderson having a big time. After eating his s'more, he finished his Sonic drink, ate a snack cake along with some popcorn and candy so at least right now he is feeling much better.

When the rest of us came home from Sonic, we huddled in front of the tv and watched the Hogs play baseball. Actually, I sat in the sun which was perfectly cozy and had myself a little nap. When the game was over, Keaton sat up the pickleball net, and some games were played. There was a single tournament and a doubles tournament. Don't be surprised that I did not win in either bracket-though I sure did play hard in my singles match-hard enough I thought I was going to have to sit down to catch my breath!

Robby cooked supper tonight-nachos and quesadillas on the blackstone. We all agree that those two things are much better cooked on the griddle. For dessert we pulled out the s'mores. That is a favorite for everyone plus tonight we had things that made the fire change colors. Keaton had given these packets to Robby for Christmas, and it was really neat to watch-Whitman certainly enjoyed it-enough that I put some of those on his Christmas list.

We stayed right around the fire tonight until almost 9:30. Most of the kids stayed out a little bit longer watching the basketball games. It was pretty chilly this evening, but the fire was roaring so that was nice. Now we are all in the camper with a few folks in the bed and others watching tv. We still have two beds to make and I'm about to change into my pjs and call it a night! 

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