March 1, 2024-Happy Very Belated Birthday (Party) Campbell

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  • The day started off kind of quiet, but it is ending pretty loud! Anderson was the first one awake and was downstairs watching car racing pretty early this morning. Bentley joined him on the couch for the last few laps of the race.
  • Robby and I ran a few errands this morning-he had 2 mystery shops while I had a porch pick up of some dog toys. I have been the one giving stuff away from my porch, but this is only the second time that I have picked something up-the first was a graphing calculator about a year ago, and then today I picked up two bags of dog toys. They have been washed, and now Bentley is enjoying the ones that we have let her have-the others, we have saved for Christmas.
  • When we left for our errands, Campbell was up and working on her balloon arch for her party. She bought a thing from Amazon which came with a ton of decorations. It also came with balloons to make an arch, and that girl did a great job. Now she struggled hanging it up, but it looked super cute.
  • The big boys went to play basketball this afternoon. They were gone for almost 3 hours and came back home sweaty messes. They had fun though. Keaton was the next one to leave this afternoon-she had a birthday party to go to. She was gone for most of Campbell's party, but she came home with 10 dollars because she was able to eat a lime without making a face.
  • Campbell's birthday was the next to happen. Whitman had been in his pajamas, but Anderson told him to put on clothes since all of the people were coming over. However, Whitman did a good job hiding from all of those girls, but he soon had his shower and ended up back in his pajamas.
  • Campbell had a slew of friends over-so, so many girls. It was incredibly noisy, but I think that she would say that it was incredibly fun! They had pizza for supper, played some games, hit the volley ball, ate Spiderman birthday cake, and took a lot of pictures. They even have a photo circle that I am going to have to join to get some pictures from this evening!
  • I think that most of the birthday guests have now left, so the evening will start quietening down a little bit!....maybe!

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