March 6, 2024

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  • Another school morning that I am struggling to get out of bed. I feel like I might do better staying up all night than having to get up. I have had to cut my morning chores down though I still get them done during school. 
  • It is pretty surprising how quickly I can put on my clothes, empty the dishwasher, take the dog out, wake people up, and start school-all of that can be done in about 15 minutes if you are moving pretty quickly.
  • We did the school thing-but this is the morning that Graham doesn't have much time at all. He didn't even get a chance to work on his next test that he has to take. Reagan and he headed off to work before noon. 
  • Robby was out at lunch time doing some shops so the boys all had Sonic hamburgers while the girls all had Sonic drinks. Graham mentioned on the way home that Sonic is a fine hamburger, but not spectacular. People tonight at church were talking about Davids, and that did sound really good to both of us. 
  • However, Robby had quesadillas for all of us when we came home. Anderson and Campbell went to ChickFilA with their friends so they didn't have our yummy supper. Robby even had cookies ready for us. 
  • I had intended to make some bread this evening, but I didn't calculate my timing right so I will have to do that another day which is fine. I had also planned to make muffins early today but didn't have all of my ingredients. 
  • Right now the ChickFilAers are on their way home, and we are eating cookies and watching tv-a pretty perfect ending to the day.

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