March 11, 2024

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  • For some reason last night, Robby thought that we should switch sides of the bed. We did, and I slept just fine, but I am not so sure how he slept because when we woke up, Bentley had taken over most of Robby's spot. I would bet that we will be back to our regular sides tonight.
  • When my alarm did ring, Robby had to hand me my phone to turn it off this morning. I hit snooze the normal amount of times today leaving myself no time for the laundry before starting school. That was fine though because I did squeeze in getting a few loaves of bread ready to bake. 
  • I should try to wake up in time to do the laundry before the school day starts, but I am having more and more free time during the day. This free time comes in short 10 minute segments, but that does allow me to finish that pesky laundry. Today I even worked on a shirt that Reagan had found in the bins in the attic-it had originally had pleats in the sleeves to make them puffy, but the pleats had been pulled out so I fixed that.
  • Soon almost everyone was finished with school-Anderson was working on an essay so that took a bit of time. Graham was pleased that I finally sliced my bread before he did have to leave for work. It was a success-we all had some. Graham then left for work with Reagan for the afternoon.
  • Keaton spent a good deal of time outside today-she went on a run, played soccer with Whitman, and right now she is outside with everyone but Reagan and Whitman playing pickleball. We worked on Reagan's old cleats to clean them up for her, so she made use of them today.
  • I worked on the attic a little bit and have found a few things to get rid of up there. Then all too soon it was supper time. I heated up some chicken pasta along with some grilled cheese for tonight. Everyone ate and afterwards, we did some quick chores. 
  • Now it is already 8, and that makes me sad! The kids are out playing so that is good at least, but bedtime will come all too soon.

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