March 22, 2024-Spring Break Weekend at Toad Suck

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It didn't take me too long this morning to get a little bit bored. I finished my chores along with my book. I also finished putting all of my stuff in the camper, and then I just waited. I tried to think up things to do around the house and to help on Sunday, and I did a few of them, but mainly I just waited.

The kids started stirring around 11, and soon they were all moving around the house-I honestly think that they were a bit excited about going somewhere. And they all love talking to Bentley about going "camping" because this thrills her.

We started heading to the camper around 12:45 and were soon off to Toad Suck. I drove the minivan and followed behind Robby. Anderson and Reagan rode with me-they were a bit chatty on the drive, or at least they were too chatty for me to listen to my book.

We got here, and Robby drove in like he knew exactly where we were going-and he did. Then he whipped into our site, and we did a few things-hooking up, putting out the mat, tablecloth, and trash can-and then we went to the Wilson's campsite.

Toad Suck campground is a whole lot like Maumelle Park. We are not near the river, but we are right near a basketball court which the boys spent a good deal of time playing. Anderson, Graham, and Brett went down the road to a church to play some pickleball.

While they were gone, we took a walk and the Wilsons cooked supper. Robby set up the tv, and we watched basketball while we ate, and baseball while we had dessert, and more basketball while we sat around the fire. 

We haven't been camping in a good while-I guess since near Thanksgiving, so it was a little hard to become motivated to prep for this trip. However, it was all worth it-it is so nice to be back in the camper!

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