March 24, 2024-Spring Break Weekend at Toad Suck

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We slept a bit later this morning, and then Robby got up and turned on the church house for a little bit. We watched some and then started working on picking up. Robby and I took a walk with Bentley around one loop this morning, but it was super chilly so we moved quickly.

Then we went to work-Robby had his cooking things up, and there were things for me to grab as well. I would put something up outside and then go inside to straighten things. Reagan and Graham rode home with me, and maybe because they had both just woken up, but there was little conversation happening. Goodness, I tried, but other than a few grunts, I got nothing.

We made it home, and everyone went to town unloading things. The kids all grabbed their clothes, and then came back for a few more trips. It didn't take long at all for things to be out of the camper. I came in and put up things and then went back out to start cleaning. 

It wasn't too long until I left with Whitman. He had a birthday party to go to at Raymar this afternoon. They played capture the flag for a little bit and had cake. After presents, I grabbed Whitman and we headed home. 

We have done at least 5 loads of laundry tonight, and I would like to be able to do two more before we go to bed. Keaton didn't have long to rest this afternoon because she had to make cookies for her life group tonight. Reagan had her life group later than usual, but the boys and Campbell skipped Rock Creek tonight. I guess they just wanted one more relaxing evening before school starts back tomorrow.

Robby picked up Keaton, and then he and I went to the Wilson's house for a little bit tonight. We visited and planned another camping trip before Robby and I came home and started herding everyone towards bed. 

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