March 31, 2024-Easter 2024

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  • Since we didn't have to leave for church until 10:20 this morning, we had quite a bit of time this morning. I especially needed that time because there were two loads of laundry for me to fold waiting on me. I also had not even gotten the Easter baskets down from the bonus room, and even with the extra time, I was scrambling to get myself reading in time for church.
  • The kids Easter baskets grow less and less exciting. They all received socks or underwear plus some candy and a drink. Even though the baskets weren't too exciting, there are two children who definitely needed socks-Campbell has almost none and sneaks mine, Keatons, or Reagans and when Whitman gets a string on his socks, he sits and pulls it until he has one large hole in them.
  • Reagan is much less swollen today but still stayed home. That worked out well for me because she was able to put the corn casserole in the oven and had it warm when we rolled in from church.
  • I was kind of surprised that all of the kids sat with us during church. I had assumed that they would have found their friends, but I think that most people went to the earlier service.
  • We made it home right after everyone else arrived at the house. They still had to wait on us to bake the rolls. Of course we had plenty of food-my favorites were the spinach dip and Dana's broccoli salad. My fridge is getting pretty full of leftovers from today and from the past few days as well so that will be tomorrow's supper-those meals thrill the kids!
  • After lunch, we had our grand Easter egg hunt-except this year it was very scaled down. Instead of 200 or more eggs to stuff and hide, this year we just stuffed 7-you found an egg and that is the one that you got. Each one had varying amounts of money in them, and honestly, I think that everyone was more pleased with the cash than the candy.
  • Everyone stuck around and visited for a little bit after the egg hunt. Most of the kids were watching the basketball game as well. When everyone did leave, I quickly did all of the dishes and then ended up on the couch to see the last of the basketball game.
  • I had a short nap, and then the boys left for Rock Creek. Afterwards, Robby and I had a shop and came home with food for everyone plus some more applesauce for Reagan. While we were gone, Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman spent the whole time outside on the trampoline. Now everyone has eaten, and they have begun their traditional Sunday night complaining about having to do school tomorrow!

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