March 16, 2024

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  • None of the girls were home last night, but the boys' room was full and noisy-I have no idea what time they went to bed. Graham was the first one stirring this morning, and he was actually downstairs before Robby and I left.
  • Our first stop this morning was no where near here-Riverside Grocery which is just a gas station, but they have cinnamon rolls...which we missed! Oh, well, another day. We then went to a Mexican grocery store in Benton. 
  • We bought some pastries there, but really our only winner was the cream cheese churro. Every thing else we bought wasn't that great. The boys have munched on some things during the day, but there are still two things left in the kitchen. 
  • The winner from the Mexican store was the tamales that we bought. Robby and I ate them for supper tonight, and they were delicious for sure. Now, I do think that tamales need a little something so mine were covered in salsa and sour cream.
  • When I volunteered at the pregnancy center, I would always pass a meat place, and I always wanted to stop and get him a sandwich. Well, we did today. Though, I don't think that we chose the best one-we just got a bbq sandwich so it was fine, but not great. Graham did eat half of it when we finally made it home. 
  • We also managed to do 2 mystery shop stops before picking up Keaton from the house that she spent the night at. We then went home to divide up all of the food that we came home with. 
  • Robby then worked in the camper for a little bit while I read, took a short nap, and then made apple muffins. They are decent, but I didn't see the part in the recipe about turning the oven temperature down so I really could have burnt them, and they are quite possibly a smidge overdone. 
  • Then Robby and I went to Grannymom's house for a little bit. While we were there, Campbell made it back from her night out-she had lots of fun and had a big day-even bought a sweater. We ran to the grocery store before going home to pick up a few things.
  • Everyone had already eaten some type of supper, so the kids all played pickleball while Robby and I ate. Now, they will begin cycling through the shower for tomorrow while I read some and Robby watches basketball.

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