March 14, 2024

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  • Thursdays are just the best day around here. Robby and I have always loved Thursdays, and now the kids love it too. I think that they love that this is the last day of school for them-that would certainly make me happy. 
  • Now seeing that I neglected to run the dishwasher yesterday did not make me happy at all. That started my day off poorly-and it will start my day off poorly in the morning when I have a crammed full dishwasher to empty.
  • We did our school work and then Campbell and I went to work in the kitchen. Campbell made a batch of sour dough pretzels while I made a chocolate chip pie. It took me about 15 minutes to make my pie, but it took Campbell most of the afternoon to finish her project.
  • I heard talk of a pickleball game, so I quickly grabbed Whitman for spelling with the promise of being done before anyone went outside. We quickly spelled, and then I took Bentley on a walk. I was expected rain all day long, but surprisingly we have yet to get any. (The sirens just went off here, but it looks like so far we will miss the rain.)
  • Reagan was going to have to go to work today, but it was cancelled because of the storms coming. Robby went to his coaches meeting for soccer, and on the way home, he grabbed pizzas on the way home so we could fully celebrate pi day with pizza pies and a real pie.
  • While he was gone, most of the time I was outside playing pickleball. This was at least the second time today that most people had played pickleball outside. When Robby came home, we ate our pizza, and most of us hung out in the living room watching tv.
  • I eventually had to call down all of the upstairs people for a few minutes because of the weather, but that soon passed and now everyone has left, and it is just Robby, Bentley, and I in the living room. Poor Bentley is not moving from her spot-the thunder terrifies her! She doesn't whine, but she gets as close to one of us as she can.

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