March 21, 2024

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  • Today has felt like a Saturday to me. We had heard that Costco puts their sale items on sale Thursday morning and even heard that there are usually people there early waiting to get in. Last night I debated going early to see if we could find any bargains.
  • Campbell said that she might go with me, but when my alarm went off this morning, I saw a text from Keaton saying that she would go with me too. Until I had read that text message, I had almost convinced myself that we could just go another week; however, I decided to just get up and get ready.
  • I went upstairs to wake Keaton and Campbell up, but Keaton then decided that she didn't want to go. Campbell got herself ready and soon we were out the door. We laughed at the traffic this morning going and said that maybe they were all going to costco. 
  • When we pulled into the parking lot though, we quickly realized that everyone else was not going to Costco-it was still closed. So, last night when I was looking at the opening time, I must have been really tired. I looked at the closing time: 8:30, so when we pulled up a bit before 9 we were very early for the real 10:00 opening time.
  • Campbell and I did the camping grocery run-Robby text me everything that he could think of that we needed, and Campbell and I added a few things. Unfortunately, we didn't need to many things, and we are quick shoppers. Once we finished shopping, we ran to Sonic to buy her a drink. Then I drove through Chick Fil A to pick up a free chicken biscuit which we split on the way to Costco.
  • By this time, it was almost opening time and the parking lot was indeed full. They did have a few more than usual sale clothes this morning, but nothing extraordinary. However, Campbell found herself a 7 dollar sweater, and I bought a 3 dollar sweatshirt for me.
  • Then we came home, and I started on the day's chores. It wasn't too long before I turned on the oven and started looking for Keaton. She had a party at 1 to go to and still had cookies that she needed to bake (she had made the dough yesterday.) Once her cookies were made it was time to take her just down the road to her party.
  • I did some packing today and quite a bit of school work for next fall. Keaton stayed later than she planned which was fine. For supper, I made pasta for must folks' supper while the others just found something around here. 
  • Campbell and I went to pick up Keaton, and I even let Campbell drive us home-it wasn't far at all. Basketball has been on the tv all day long around here, and we are all comparing our brackets. So far, I am already pretty far behind!

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