March 28, 2024

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  • This morning started off pretty early. I took Reagan to have her wisdom teeth done. Neither one of us really knew what to expect. We waited in the waiting room for a few minutes, and then they called her back. 
  • I didn't think that I was supposed to go, but I went with her as they hooked her up to ekgs, blood pressure, and all the things. The doctor came in and gave her the iv-this really hurt her, and I thought that she was going to lose it then. 
  • She later said that as soon as they gave that to her, she started to get sleepy. I then went to the waiting room, and within 20 minutes they were coming to get me. (My friend's teeth only took 15 minutes so I was expecting a short time.)
  • I went to the back, and Reagan was in another room. Her face was so full of gauze that she looked ridiculous, and she could not talk at all. It took me a good while to understand anything she said-I don't think that everything she did say made sense for the first few minutes. She had the hiccups at one point, but then she didn't remember having them. Anther time I asked her how she came into the room she was in, and she said that she walked. Then she said she didn't know. Later she thought she came in a wheelchair.
  • She then started to text me-some made sense but the first little bit it was tough. We then waited for about 40 minutes for the doctor to come in and talk to us. He gave us all of the rules, and they wheeled Reagan to the car. 
  • By this time Reagan said that she felt like she could drive home, but I told her I didn't mind at all. We picked up a smoothie on the way home, but we really should have picked up her medicine. By the time we did get her medicine, she was in quite a bit of pain. After her first pain pill, I think that she has been doing pretty good since then.
  • She started off pretty nauseous, but had some smoothie and tomato soup pretty early. Later she moved on to oatmeal, and tonight she has been eating mashed potatoes and appleasauce. Her face is a little bit swollen, and right now (10:30) she said that one side really does hurt. She will probably take one of the big pain pills tonight at bedtime.
  • While we were gone, the others woke up (with Robby's help) and started on school. They were pretty much all done by the time that we did made it home. I checked all of the math, and then later worked on spelling with Whitman.
  • I think that Reagan had a nap this afternoon, and so did I! Anderson and Keaton went to Raymar this afternoon. He had to work the practices tonight, and Keaton went along for the evening. She said that it was warm out there-even though I have froze all night.
  • I had supper with the homeschool moms this evening, and I even left way before it was time to eat. I I ran to the Nike store along with Walmart before sitting in the car for little bit just being quiet. Robby ran to pick up a pizza for all the kids and applesauce for Reagan. When I did come home, most everyone was awake and watching the basketball game. 
  • Hopefully Reagan can sleep well tonight and wakes up without any pain!

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