March 30, 2024

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  • We will begin with our daily Reagan update: she is about the same today as yesterday. I told Robby that I was surprised that she was still as swollen today. One side of her mouth looks normalish, but the other is super swollen and hasn't really gone done much. I think that she is in a bit of pain as well mainly because the inside of her mouth is all scratched up.
  • She is eating more solid-ish food-tonight she had some rice and tiny bits of chicken. While we were working in the yard today, she even brought Bentley out once or twice to check on our progress. I don't think that she is planning on going to church tomorrow, but hopefully she is less swollen. She is still faithfully taking her medicine and now putting heat on her check so maybe tomorrow will be better.
  • Graham was the first one to wake this morning-he had to be at work at 7:30 this morning to go and be the Easter bunny. He helped set up at one place, and then put on his costume and hopped to a nearby house. There he took pictures with the kids, with families, and also had an Easter egg hunt! 
  • The bunny was well compensated for his work today. Robby quickly volunteered to be the bunny tomorrow if they needed another bunny. Anderson left a bit after Graham and put in 3 hours at Raymar since some teams were having practices there today. When they both made it home, we did figure out that the bunny made 300 percent more money than Anderson today!
  • After I took Graham to work this morning, I climbed back in the bed, and Robby and I went back to sleep for a good while. We then woke up, and he headed outside. I worked inside for a little bit, but then came outside to help.
  • Eventually, Keaton and Campbell were recruited and then Anderson and Whitman. Graham showed up just in time to help us with the last 30 minutes of work. Robby mowed and cleaned up the flower beds. 
  • Then with the kids we worked on some leaves-so, so many leaves. There is about 5 more days of leaf work, but slow and steady! Anderson doesn't mind walking the leaves to the bottom of the hill, but everyone loves taking them to the woods if they can drive/ride on the tractor. So that is what happened quite a bit.
  • The last thing that we had to do today was move the trampoline. The girls have been wanting to move the trampoline closer to the house. I'm sure the neighbors will come home and will not be pleased, but the trampoline is so close to our house that the boys could jump out their window and bounce on it.
  • The net was broken from a tree branch that feel earlier this year, and that tree also punctured a small hole in the bouncy part. Thankfully, when we bought the trampoline there was a huge mix up and we were given one box of parts twice-we were given the box that contained the bouncy part and the padding around the edge. We did take off the net, which thrilled the girls-normally, the leaves fall in the trampoline and then there is no way to clean it-now that won't happen.
  • Once we moved the trampoline, Campbell, Keaton, Robby, and I cleaned up and headed for some errands. We had to return some pants of Robby's at Costco, he got gas, then he dropped the girls off and I at the Gucci Goodwill. Keaton found a sweater and tshirt, Campbell got a sweatshirt, and I found a flannel shirt that looks perfectly cozy to wear around a campfire. 
  • Then we ran by Taco Bell because the girls had free tacos, then Robby had a mystery shop and brought home some chicken and rice and then we bought hamburgers for the boys, and finally we returned home!
  • So far, the trampoline move has been a good move-the kids have spent more time out there. Campbell ate supper on the trampoline and then a bit afterwards, all the kids except Reagan sat and jumped on it. While they did this Robby cleaned the kitchen floor. We used to steam mop the floors all the time, but at some point we stopped-maybe Covid though I'm not sure why we would have stopped then.
  • This is the most work we have done lately, and we are pretty beat tonight! Basketball is on, cookies are in the oven, and most people have had their showers so we have a little bit left to enjoy the evening.

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