March 17, 2024

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  • We managed to leave a bit after the usual time this Sunday morning. There wasn't too much concern about leaving a little bit later since we thought that there would be a few folks gone because of spring break. 
  • We did the church thing, and then headed to Nonna and Pops' house for Sunday lunch. We all ate-Reagan discovered that she likes Nonna's corn dip (also known as Texas cavier). We have had it before at Nonna's house but she has never tried it, so I'm glad she tried something new. They also had raspberries which my girls demolished before I even had my plate ready.
  • Reagan then headed back to her house sitting house, and the rest of us headed home. Robby and I, of course, had our nap. Usually everyone leaves for life groups and Rock Creek, but all of that was cancelled tonight for Spring Break so all the people were here all evening.
  • That kind of threw Robby and me off since we usually start working on things when they leave. And since no one left, our supper ended up being even a little bit later than usual. It was all good though-chicken fried steak. mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and brownies. 
  • The kids played pickleball this afternoon and then also this evening. I think that some one might even be outside now playing as well. The kitchen is clean, and now my blog is written. I have a fairly large list of things that I want to do tomorrow-plus I  should be getting a shipment of school books for next year, so I want to finish my chores before they arrive so it should be a busy day!

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