March 27, 2024

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  • Today was another school day-at least Whitman didn't fall sound asleep and start snoring like a man while I read this morning to everyone. He did that yesterday! I probably just should have let him sleep because I am sure that he operates at a sleep deficit.
  • Graham and Reagan went to work at noon, and Anderson left a little bit after them to go and paint the fields at Raymar. While it was quite in the house, I walked Bentley outside for a little bit and listened to my book. 
  • When I came in, Whitman and I did spelling and really before I knew it, Reagan and Graham came blowing in from work. She saw some of her senior pictures-I asked her about them but she told me I would just have to wait.
  • They weren't home very long before they left again with Anderson, Keaton, and Campbell. Tonight was the referee meeting so they had to be there early. Whitman and I didn't leave for a few more minutes, but we had to leave early too so I could run in the library and get some eclipse glasses.
  • Tonight at church Whitman and all of the rest of the kids had an Easter egg hunt. It was organized chaos, but I think that they all had fun. Anderson and Campbell stopped at ChickFIlA on the way home while the rest of us came home to pizza rolls that Robby made. I was starving so I couldn't wait until they cooled so of course I burned my tongue.
  • Meanwhile, Reagan is eating and drinking everything in the house-she gets her wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning so she is fueling up now.

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