April 30, 2024

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  • Robby was up and ready this morning, and left for Conway before anyone else in this house started to stir. We did our morning things, but school seemed to fly by today so I was on a walk with Bentley by 11.
  • I came home and did a few chores and encouraged the kids to do theirs as well. I think that a few people managed to get their chore list marked off today.
  • The highlight of the day was Campbell's new mattress arriving in the mail today. Her mattress has been pretty sad lately-we had to buy an egg crate so the spring would stop poking her. She took it upstairs, and then they used the old mattress to slide down the stairs a few times. Her sheets came later in the day and are in the wash now so they can be on her bed tonight.
  • I took another walk later in the afternoon-Bentley can do one mile well, but then she slows on the second mile. Plus there were tree cutters on the street cleaning up all of limbs by the powerlines, so they bothered her too. It was just easier for me to drop her off today after the first mile, and then do another mile by myself later in the day.
  • Robby made it home just about the time that Reagan left for work. Then all the rest of us left for Raymar. Today Campbell reffed one game and Graham reffed one as well. Keaton played her game, and her team won-they didn't score until the second half, so we were a bit concerned for a good while.
  • Supper was leftover ChickFilA for everyone. Now the house is quiet except for the showers running and Campell's sheets drying. I should get up and get a book to read, or maybe I will just take a catnap before bed.

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