IKEA Excursion plus more: January 1, 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)


After a wild night of partying, we were all sound asleep before midnight…and boy were we tired.  The hotel was a little busy so I was worried that we would hear some noise at midnight but we slept right through it.  The kids had been asleep for hours and we had been asleep for almost an hour.  Around 2, I did hear a bang and then saw Anderson whispering about his covers.  The brave little guy walked through the room he was in all the way to my bed in a dark hotel room.  I got him back down and fixed his covers and the next time any of us looked at the clock it was almost 8-we love hotel sleeping.


Breakfast wasn’t as busy this morning and Robby didn’t have to wait in the omelet line too long.  The kids ate well (not as well as yesterday) but their tummys were still full (until the moment we set in the car).  Then we went back upstairs to load up to head home.  I have taught Reagan and Anderson to do a search in the hotel rooms for anything that we have left-they enjoy looking under the beds, opening the closet and drawers and looking behind the drapes.  I don’t know how much that would really find but they seem to like their job.  When Robby had the luggage cart, he wheeled it out of the room full of our bags and full of 3 little Dennie kids hanging on for a ride. 


As soon as the kids bottoms hit the car seats, they are begging for food.  I started opening the box of crackers and turned around to see 4 little hands stretching out to grab some crackers.  We went through 3 sleeves of saltine crackers on the way home-imagine how many crumbs are in the car!  Graham saw IKEA as we drove off and got upset.  He thought that we were going back-Robby did ask if we needed to go back but our budget started on the 1st so what fun would just looking be!


We didn’t stop until New Boston at McDonalds.  The kids had been asking about a bathroom stop for a little bit and this was the first place we saw.  They forgot all about needing to use the bathroom when they saw the slide at McDonalds.  We all ate and then Reagan, Anderson and Graham slide 3 times while Campbell practiced drinking from a straw (she likes coke!).  Back in the car and just a few miles down the road, they were asking for crackers again.  When Campbell and Graham are busy eating, they are quiet…and that is nice!

We could have gotten gas when we left New Boston but thought we would drive as far as we could since we would soon need another bathroom stop.  We made it to Arkadelphia before having to stop for a quick pit/gas stop.  The kids were ready to get home but they did a good job in the car on the trip.  The movies that I had for the ride home didn’t keep their attention quite as well.


When we turned off of 630, Anderson looked around, heard the gps and said “we don’t need that gps anymore.”  He was right since we were home.  Robby and I dropped them off at Grannymom and Grandpa’s for a bit while we unloaded the car and started the zillion loads of laundry and unloaded a tableful of my IKEA purchases.


We went back to Grannymom’s for supper.  After supper, the kids played for a few more minutes and then we came home.  At home, we were able to play and then everyone went to bed…a few minutes earlier than usual (so nice that no one can really tell time yet!)


Robby and I worked on putting together our IKEA purchases.  Since it was from a box, you had to put it all together.  We are a pretty good assembly team and finished at a decent time.  We also had to rehang a picture and then opened up 2 lamps.  One is a tree lamp-that Reagan had seen and liked at the store.  I had seen it but just walked past but then looked at it again when she mentioned it and decided that I liked it too.  Once everything was assembled we were very pleased (even though Robby said that we couldn’t buy anything that we had to put together again)  Pictures to come tomorrow!

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