June 21, 2011

Motley Crew!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • We didn’t sleep in so late this morning and that was fine because Robby and I had to get ready to go to work.  Grannymom came over today to stay while I ran to work for a few minutes. 
  • We had a big breakfast around here-5 waffles, 2 pop tarts, a bowl of rice krispies and finished off the blueberries.  Reagan can really put away the breakfast-she had most of the above list. 
  • They played hard while Grannymom was here-dinosaurs, stuffed animals and legos.  They also had a few snacks and watched a movie.  Reagan was very proud that she was able to turn on the tv for everyone.
  • After my doctors appointment, I made it home in time for lunch.  We had our lunch, read our Bible story and then Reagan and I played with her paper dolls and then the boys and I played with their cars until rest time
  • After rest, Reagan and Anderson finally took off their pajamas and put on their clothes.  Campbell saw what was going on and walked to me and held up her arms for me to take her dress off-I obliged and she also changed her clothes
  • When Robby made it home, we went to Sams to pick up our medicine and milk.  We had supper there and then loaded up the cart.  Reagan was ecstatic when we put a watermelon in the cart and Anderson enjoyed thumping all of the watermelons after I told him that was what you are to do to pick out a good one (actually, I don’t really know that for sure and if that is true, I have not a clue about what sound it should make)
  • Back at home, we changed into pjs, sang a few songs and then put everyone in bed.  Graham is quite upset with us because he has decided he doesn’t want his pillow but wants our pillows instead-we refused!

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