June 7, 2011

Who is the ring leader
of this bunch?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • I went to work for a few minutes today and the boys were so excited that they were getting to go to Grandpa’s house without me or Robby.  I think we put a little bit of damper on their fun.
  • All the kids spent their morning eating and eating and didn’t even manage to put on their pajamas.  I didn’t make them until Robby said we were going out to eat for supper-they almost made it all day in pajamas.
  • After Grannymom’s house we all came home and played for awhile until it was time for lunch.  We had pbjs and then even finished up Robby’s brownies.  The kids all thought they were something else finishing off the pan.
  • During naptime today Reagan breezed through her reading today and was so proud of herself that she wanted to read it again.  Anderson didn’t sleep this afternoon either which is kind of out of the ordinary but as long as they are quite and in their rooms I don’t mind.  Reagan spends her time coloring (yes, we use a ream of paper a week) and Anderson spends his time on the ipods
  • This afternoon we played Monopoly Jr.  Anderson tries really hard to finish it but soon he loses interest and I have to finish for him.  Reagan could play games forever. 
  • Soon Campbell and Graham woke up and we all had to rush around putting on clothes.  After we did our clothes it was time to meet Robby at On the Border for supper.  It was a pretty uneventful supper-Campbell did stick her hand in the cheese dip and Anderson tried to trip a waiter.  But other than that we did pretty good.
  • Next stop was the grocery store and then a movie and bed for the Dennie crew.

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