June 12, 2011

A little milk to get the morning going!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
Another restful night at the hotel.  Graham was the first one to stir-surprisingly he walked from where he was sleeping to our bed and climbed in.  Anderson was next but he just called for me and then joined us in bed.  Next Campbell was up and talking so she also climbed in-good thing it was a king size.  And when Robby got out, Reagan stopped hiding under her covers and came in. 
We made it downstairs for breakfast and everyone feasted on their pancakes.  And you would have thought they had won the lottery when Robby said that they each could take a box of cereal back up to the room. 
Back at the room, we were already packed up so everyone helped Robby load up the cart.  Campbell and I went to move the car to the front and everyone else helped Robby push the cart.  When Anderson came out of the doors, he told me that they had had a tiny wreck.  I never heard what actually happened but everything seemed to be intact. 
The kids were soon watching their movies and we were breezing down the road.  We did stop at Brinkley for a bathroom stop and for juiceboxes.  We made it home fairly quickly and when we crossed over the river bridge-Graham said “where is that pyramid?”  Guess he didn’t notice it again when we left Memphis and was pretty disappointed that he didn’t see it then.  Pretty smart since we were going over a bridge and there were tall building on the other side-just like driving into Memphis.
When we made it home, we dropped the kids off at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house for a few minutes while we came home to clean out the car, unpack everything and even straighten the garage.  We managed to get all of that done in record time and then picked them up for naps.  They were not too pleased to see us but must have been tired because nap time went fairly smoothly.
Reagan was up first for her snack and movie and Anderson popped up when I opened his door and Graham climbed down off of the bunk without me so he must have been pretty awake.  They were content with their milk and snack while waiting on us to get ready for church.  Robby grabbed Campbell out of bed and she snuggled with him until it was time to leave.
At church, the boys decided they wanted to go to church with Reagan and us so we did take a chance and all went well.  Graham did shout “I want to do it” while passing the offering plate and Anderson did look at the man in front of us and say “Mom, he doesn’t have any hair.” 
Back at home, we had supper and then everyone went to bed.  Anderson and Graham have been sneaking books in bed (I guess it could be worse) but now I hear them talking up a storm.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

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