Disney 2011-May 31, 2011

Campbell:  "Who said this was the
happiest place on earth?"
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
It was another restful night and Campbell was the only one who ended up in a different bed.  She ended up in Grannymom’s bed and when Grannymom got up to get ready, Campbell made so much noise that we thought she was up and put her in bed with us but she was still sound asleep.  Everyone was a bit groggy this morning since we had another early breakfast.  But we still made it to the gates at Animal Kingdom before they opened the parking lot.  We ended up not parking in the AAA parking and parking in the regular parking lot.  This only meant that we rode the tram which the kids thought was another ride so that was fine.
At the park, we walked on through the gates to the Tusker House for breakfast.  First we lined up and had our picture made with Donald and after we were seated Daisy, Mickey and Goofy all came to the tables to see us.  Graham had really been wanting to see Goofy even though we had already seen him once.  He was so pleased and when Goofy stuck out his hands to give him a high 5, Graham looked down at his hands to make sure that they were clean before he gave Goofy five.  Isn’t that the sweetest thing.
So last night I said that Akershaus was the best meal and it was the best by far but the Tusker House breakfast was delicious.  The food choices were unbelievable and it was very, very good.  The kids loved the dounuts, fruit and even the cereal.  It’s the simple things that please them.  As soon as Robby was finished he hopped outside to get us fast passes for the safari ride.
We then headed on our way to the Dinosaur area and rode the Triceratops spin a couple of times.  Next we rushed over to see the best show at Disney (in my opinion) The Lion King.  The kids were all into it.  At one time, Anderson leaned over and asked Jason “they aren’t going to hurt us are they?”  Graham bounced from person to person and only covered his eyes and ears briefly.  Campbell was pretty interested but eventually was pleased sitting on the row below us with another family.  Reagan was very interested and even sat in Pops’ lap (he had to offer her a dollar the other day). 
After The Lion King show, we hopped in the buggies and walked to the Safari.  Even though we had a fast pass we did wait a bit in line but eventually boarded the jeep.  Campbell slept through most of it until she was bounced around so much that she woke up.  Everyone else was very interested in all of the animals and were pretty good at spotting them.  After the safari we walked along the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.  We saw hippos and the boys had been wanting to see hippos (Pops said he had already seen plenty of hippos on this trip though).  We had the perfect spot and saw the hippo swim by us in the water.  The kids were in awe and were pretty amazed by the “hippo fish” that they saw-maybe we need a few more lessons on hippos!
We were still stuffed from breakfast but couldn’t leave Animal Kingdom without stopping by Flame Tree BBQ so 10 of us spilt 2 sandwiches and all left satisfied.  We felt like we had done most of the park and wanted to have time to swim so we headed back to the van.  We weren’t exactly sure about how to walk to the car and since there wasn’t a tram line we ended up back on the tram. 
It didn’t take too long for the kids to fall asleep and we had to work pretty hard at waking them up to swim.  But before long, 4 little naked folks were running around the room trying to put on their bathing suits.  
The kids were all about sliding down the slide today and after we explained to them that laying back would make them go faster we had some speed demons on our hands.  Anderson would usually come down first and he would go underwater and then pop back up and this is very, very good for him.  Graham would fly down next and it would take all I had to grab him but he would go underwater for a bit before he would pop back up-he was going so fast he would stay down there for a second longer than Anderson.  This didn’t seem to bother the boys at all and they had a great time.  Reagan was interested in going fast but wanted to make sure someone would be there to catch her.  Anderson even got picky on who he wanted to catch him.  Once when I wasn’t there in quite enough time, he scowled at me “what did you think there was a long line?” 
After a while swimming time was over and it was time for showers.  We got them in and out fairly quickly and when everyone was ready, we went to the boat dock to catch the boat for Downtown Disney.  Robby took the van so we didn’t have to ride the boat back but the boat ride was very nice.  The driver even mentioned that the shuttle would be back around 2:30 this morning and said that we would definitely hear it (this Dennie probably won’t hear it). 
When we made it to Downtown Disney, Robby beat us and we just had to walk a mile to meet up with each other (felt like that anyways).  Finally, we made it to Wolfgang Pucks and waited on them to seat us.  It was fairly busy but we still got in before our reservations.  The food was delicious-Robby and I both had BBQ chicken pizza which was great.  The kids had fruit, Sprite, spaghetti, mashed potatoes and french fries-love the Disney Dining plan. 
We searched for a bathroom for awhile since theirs was messy when we left but did have a chance to walk through the build your own race car store which Anderson wants gift cards to for Christmas.
Then we hopped back in the car for a “short” drive to a closer parking space to the shops we were going to next.  Our shirt drive ended up to be a few minutes long-parking was at a premium tonight.  I had dreaded all day taking Reagan to find her souvenir from this trip-she can be rather slow at times.  But that girl was on a mission.  She saw what she wanted and had decided on it before we even finished looking through the girls section.  Anderson did find one thing and said “this is tricky” when confronted with the decision to buy that toy or wait till tomorrow and get the Test Track toy he had seen earlier in the week.  Graham was tired by now and decided that he just wanted to sit in the stroller and go outside with Grannymom and Campbell.  Oh, Reagan picked a Sleeping Beauty doll that had clothes you could take off and put back on.
Next up was a quick walk through the Once Upon a Store.  I had planned on getting more Mr. Potato Head pieces since they will all sit and play that for a very, very long time but it wasn’t enough new pieces to fill a box so I passed. 
Then we walked back towards the Lego store to walk through there.  Lots of people were in that store and it was pretty crazy but the kids ate it up.   They had a ramp up front and Anderson wanted to build a car and sent it down the ramp. I told him that we could make one at home so he spent the entire trip back to the hotel thinking/talking about his plans to make a ramp.  It was kind of pitiful, Reagan was beside him holding her new toy and all he can think about his painting a cardboard box to make a ramp.  Sad, sad.    His toy will come tomorrow but we will still try to make a ramp this summer, he is so excited about it. 
By the time we made it home, Graham was almost asleep and Campbell was sound asleep.  We got everyone ready for bed and then headed their ourselves.

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