June 18, 2011

UH OH!  Is that water
coming towards us?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Last night Robby had mentioned going to Magic Springs today and since the boys were up at 7, were all on the road before 9.  We decided to stop and get breakfast on the way since Graham kept saying he wanted pancakes.  Of course, by the time we made it to the Benton McDonalds the kids were concerned that we had forgotten about it.
  • We were at Magic Springs when it opened and again reminded the kids that you always get places when they open.  The first thing we did was buy a coke cup that you could refill for a dollar and we did that multiple times during the day.  Campbell would become pretty upset if she didn’t get her turn quickly enough. 
  • The lines were fairly short so we hopped on a few kiddie rides-the drop ride (which Reagan and Anderson were gripping tightly waiting on the Tower of Terror size drop but this ride was alot tamer), the spinny around balloons (a little too spinny for me and Robby), tame clown ride, the kiddie ferris wheel (which made me a bit nervous that someone was going to fall out of the windows), a train ride, the airplanes and then the carousel.
  • Reagan had said that she wanted to ride the unicorn on the carousel but we always just reminded her and everyone else that we will ride what we can and it will still be great.  We were the first in line for the carousel with no one behind us and a little girl came up and breaks in line.  The girl was saying she wanted to ride on the unicorn.  Robby politely reminded her that we were in line and she didn’t scoot back.  Then I again more firmly reminded her that we were in line and scooted my self in front of her.  When the lady opened the gate, the girl darted past us but my Reagan took off in a sprint.  Reagan beat that girl to the unicorn and started to climb on…but so did that little girl.  Robby explained to the girl that Reagan was in line first and there first and Reagan was going to ride the unicorn!!  And our Reagan rode that unicorn!  Don’t mess with our Dennie kids!
  • We were just going to Magic Springs today to get the feel for the big Dennie trip so we probably hadn’t planned out our route to well but that was fine since we had no agenda and the kids had been told many times that we were coming back in a few weeks and would do what we didn’t do today.  The next stop was the log ride-and the line was long.  But Robby and I both remember the log ride being our favorite ride as kids so we were pretty determined for the big 3 to ride this one.
  • The wait wasn’t horrible and Campbell and I stayed in the shade waiting.  It was well worth the wait and the kids loved it.  Anderson exclaimed “that was the best ride ever” when he got off.  I was pretty jealous of them getting to ride it without me. 
  • Next up was watching the big water ride splash down.  The big 3 can do this one too but the lines were long (we will go here first next time).   We watched from the bridge and the kids ended up soaking wet-they loved it.  The mist sprayed on Campbell even though she was far back and woke her up.  They then watched from a grassy spot.  I had warned them a zillion times about the hole behind them but as soon as that water started to splash on them-they all turned to run back and Anderson fell in the hole but kept on crawling away from the water….silly kids!
  • There was one more roller coaster for the kids and Robby and I even spied one I want Reagan and Anderson to do next time we come-a pretty big one.  Unfortunately, Graham can’t do it but he will be excited to ride the model cars.  They are already making their list for what to do next time.
  • On the way home, I ran into one store to pick something up and when I came back in the car, Graham asked “did you buy icing for my orange rock and roll cake?”  I just wonder why the child thought that was what I was doing.  We made it home at a decent time for a bit of a nap for the kids and then we loaded up to head to Nonna’s house for supper.
  • At Nonna’s the kids ate most of their pizza and then moved on to the fruit-Reagan will eat it all, Graham likes most of it and Anderson will only eat the apples (he is too ready to get up and go play to eat anything much).  They were all ready to get back outside and play.  When we had driven up, Anderson immediately saw a bike that Nonna had gotten for them to ride.  He didn’t care that it was purple and was off riding down the driveway before the rest of us could get out of the car.
  • They all played outside for awhile and then we went next door to see Pop’s brother.  Anderson was the official greeter but Graham was quick to tell his full name when Hank asked what his name was.  Anderson was ready to get back outside and I finally let him but told him to hug Beebee and Papaw and then tell Hank it was nice to meet him.  And he did and when he did he even shook Hank’s hand-then Graham followed and did the same.  Reagan hugged Beebee and Papaw but didn’t get too close to Hank. Campbell didn’t have anything to do with anyone there and just wanted to hang on to me.
  • Finally, we decided that it was pajama time but since Anderson was dripping wet with sweat he needed a bath.  I stuck everyone in Pops’ party shower and washed them fairly quick.  Then it was time to pick up and head home for bed.  It was a good day!

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