June 9, 2011

A little handiwork around the house...
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • I had to go work today so the kids went to Nonna and Pops’ house.  They were pretty excited about so I didn’t turn right around and pick them up when all 3 of my kids were absent. 
  • Everyone had breakfast, snacks, candy from Beebee and Papaw, lunch and more snacks at Nonnas.  There little tummies were as full as they could be-especially Campbell’s.  She ate and ate while I was there. 
  • On the way home, you could tell they were tired.  I couldn’t believe that Campbell and Graham stayed up on the way home.  It did help that Campbell had cookies to help her stay awake on the drive.  Reagan was the only one who cleaned up when I asked so her and Campbell were the only ones to get a snack (though the boys didn’t really seem to mind)
  • At home, everyone rested until 3:30-4 ish.  Our routine now is when Reagan gets up we play a game and then when Anderson gets up we play another game and when Graham get up we play another game and then when Campbell finally gets up we hurry around picking up all of the games.  Between games we still have out snacks, milk and movies though.
  • During nap I painted the baseboards and had a few screws to screw back in when I had finished so I had 4 little helpers each anxious for their turn. 
  • After nap, I asked the boys to clean up and they spent their time playing so I just boxed up their train stuff and spaceship stuff and took it to the garage.  And again they really didn’t seem to mind.  Oh, well, it is at least a little bit less cluttered in the den!  They will get it eventually. 
  • Robby brought home supper and then everyone went outside to watch him mow.  We mostly had to stay in the garage because it was so dusty out there.  When he was done everyone had a turn on the lawnmower.  Campbell is so funny-she is terrified of it but fussed when her turn was over.
  • Baths, another movie and then bed for everyone-they are excited about going to my work tomorrow for a few minutes. 

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