June 26, 2011

Celebrating the 4th a bit early
at Nonna's!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Everyone seemed to wake up at the same time this morning so we started the getting ready process.  I have bought new pants for Anderson but they are a bit too long (and in they went into Grannymom’s pile) so he opted to not wear his shorts but to wear his pants.  Poor guy can hardly set down in his snug little pants but that is what he picked!
  • While Robby and I were finishing getting ready, Campbell was downstairs and was still hungry.  So she climbed on the table and poured her some more cereal out.  Some made it on the plate but most made it on the table and the floor.  She was very pleased with herself-I was not!
  • Church drop off went fine for Campbell-she walked in by herself.  Anderson loves his class and runs in but Graham threw a big fit.  Really just wish his teachers would just spank his little bottom.  Robby worked in Graham’s class and I was sent off to another wild little class. 
  • We had our 4th of July meal at Nonna’s house.  The kids devoured the hamburgers and loved the flag cake.  I am working really hard on them remembering the number of flags and stripes and why they are that number.  It is funny because they can remember what color their juice cup was three days ago but some things just don’t stick in their little heads.
  • After lunch we went home for naps and everyone slept for 2 hours (well, Reagan didn’t but she watched a movie while the rest of us finished up our lovely naps).  The next event was house cleaning.  After laundry, I worked on packing the kids clothes up while Robby worked on the bathrooms.  Soon we picked up, vacuumed and Robby and Reagan headed off to walmart.  Robby has a tradition of going to Walmart right before a trip and buying up all of the things that are on our list….probably a bad tradition to have. 
  • Reagan had a blast at the store and even picked out the cereal-a big treat.  Campbell went to bed while the boys stayed up and helped me with a little repair project.  Then everyone unpacked the goodies and watched a few movies while we fixed the train table, finished a picture album, hung a picture and finished straightening the house….needless to say they stayed up really, really late. 

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