June 17, 2011

A unique way to swim!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • What a day this was-we were busy from the beginning.  The kids were ready and soon we were loading up the car for the day ahead.
  • This was the last day of VBS and the kids were all very excited about the inflatables-well, Graham wasn’t too happy about going to his class (he threw another fit and later in the day had to sit out on the side of the pool for 5 minutes while everyone else swam-he should have set out for a much, much longer time).
  • The kids all jumped on the inflatables, brought home zillions of pictures that they made and were so excited to see us because that meant we were about to go swimming.  The kids all changed clothes at church and then we met Grannymom and Cash at the pool
  • We swam for a bit, had lunch and then swam some more.  We must not have gotten enough sunscreen on Campbell because that babies back and shoulders are burned.  We did it before and then I even gave her most sunscreen after we had lunch.  Poor thing-but she is going to be a fish.  You still have to hold her in the water but she is all over the place and probably would be floating with her floatee all by herself by the end of the summer
  • I had juice boxes for the kids to bribe them to get in the car and they did well.  We made it home, changed clothes and then the boys took a nap.  Campbell rested for a few minutes and then started fussing and Robby got her up and soon Reagan heard her downstairs and she came.
  • Soon Jacob, Ethan, Hayley and then Kennedy, Camryn and Laynie came over to eat.  The kids were wild but they were wild by playing off by themselves.  So it was nice.  We celebrated Jaymie’s birthday and everyone wanted to watch him blow out the candles.
  • I mentioned that the kids played but the little kids played well too.  One time, Campbell had climbed into Hayley’s car seat and Laynie came along and pushed it across the room.  They played just as hard as the big kids-so hard that Campbell finally had to be put to bed because she was exhausted
  • Everyone was-after our company left and the kids were in bed, I had to go into Reagan’s room to get something and she was already asleep-it had been like 3 minutes since I had left.  We might just be exhausted too

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