June 27, 2011

Wild times in the kitchen.....while
Mom was at Bunko!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The girls were the first ones up today probably because we took down their darkening shades trying to replace them but I had bought the wrong size.  They were much quieter than the boys ever are-first they laid in bed then Reagan coaxed Campbell into their room and played together.  Actually, Reagan did her own thing but first she poured out some blocks for Campbell to play with
  • Next up was a quick clean up and then a movie for the kids while I had a shower.  Next up was breakfast and we ate at least 1/2 of the 5 pound bag of cereal that Robby and Reagan bought last night.  I probably should cut story time shorter so we eat less.
  • Reagan was sent to her room for almost an hour today because was a bit sassy but to her going to her room is really a relief from the madness happening downstairs.  Later when it was time to clean, Anderson had a pitiful meltdown.  I have decided that he has ADD when it comes to picking up and can not pick up a thing without using a shovel, spoon or dump truck to scoop stuff up.  And that does not fly with me so he was sent to his room.  Even yesterday, after we had picked up the entire den because Robby was vacuuming, Anderson decided to get out a puzzle and lay it on the floor.  Just not a clue!
  • We then packed a bit and played train tracks.  The boys were so excited that the train tracks had been moved back into the house that they were played with all morning long.  Campbell took a long morning nap and then we had lunch and saw Robby while he was home for lunch. 
  • Soon it was naptime-I have such good nappers.  Campbell goes right down, Graham is happy since he gets to sleep in the top bunk, Anderson has the game phone and is content and Reagan has started to enjoy reading with me and loves coloring.  Everyone slept until 5 and then we had our supper. 
  • Robby had something at work and I had bunko but I had forgotten to tell him that I was meeting people.  So when I checked to see where he was, he was just leaving so we decided to meet at the commuter lot.  First the kids were concerned about who was going to stay with them while I was gone, then they didn’t understand where we were going and then they were still confused about why I was leaving the car and Robby was getting in.  All of this confusion caused Anderson to fall apart because I didn’t give him a hug but after a hug all was well.
  • Robby and the kids all made red and blue cupcakes with white icing to celebrate the 4th of July.  They sang Happy Birthday to America and had a blast making their cupcakes.  Robby said it took 2 and a half hours and now Campbell’s hair is red from the icing. 
  • I just wore my bathing suit and towel home from Bunko and when I walked in the house, Robby gave me the strangest look.  He then asked if I had lost my clothes at Bunko and then he realized that it we swam at Bunko.  Maybe we should work on our communications skills!

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