June 15, 2011

Everyone (even Reagan) loves
Chocolate Milk!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • This was day number 3 for VBS and the kids are kind of getting into the swing of things-we had our clothes on and ready to go in no time…
  • But poor Graham lost his “swing” when I tried to drop him off to his class-he threw a true Graham size fit.  His teacher had to help me drag him in his class and Campbell followed suit and did the same
  • We had lunch at church and the kids have started going to the bathroom by themselves before we eat (well, really before, during and after we eat).  Anyway, when Anderson came back from the bathroom yesterday, he said that there was no one else in there with him and that was a good thing because no one could get him-maybe I need to tone down the “somebody’s going to get you” scare tactic
  • Everyone hopped out of the car today and headed into the Grannymom and Grandpa’s house for water play day.  They were so excited and in out the back door before I could even leave through the front.  Campbell wasn’t too sure she was pleased, until she realized she had on a bathing suit and everyone was going outside.  Then she perked up and followed the crew.  Anderson did not like the idea of playing in his boxer briefs and was about to have a meltdown when I remembered that I had some extra shorts in the car.
  • I picked everyone up and then headed home for a few minutes before heading to Sams.  We had to pick up some milk-about 6 gallons for the next week or so.  And even had some supper there.  Anderson saw a cake and asked Reagan if she liked “Rabbit cake”  Reagan didn’t miss a beat and answered him but I was totally confused-until I saw the carrot cakes
  • Next up was home for baths.  Poor Graham did not want to get wet and did not want to get washed up.  But we thought we had calmed him down when he suddenly ran back in our room, soaking wet with some bath toys in his hand and tears streaming down his cheeks.  He was screaming and pretty hysterical about the bath toys going down the drain.  He has never even given the bath toys and the drain a thought.  The poor kid was exhausted!
  • After baths, everyone watched a movie while sucking down some chocolate milk.  Graham soon became bored of the movie and started playing on the ipod.  He was so funny, just sitting on the couch as happy as he could be playing on “Daddy’s game phone”
  • Anderson was sitting on the couch beside me while the baby was kicking and I put his hand on my tummy and told him to see if he could feel the baby kick.  Suddenly, the baby kicked and Anderson’s eyes were as big as saucers.  He exclaimed “that baby is in there” and this led to many, many questions-how is the baby going to get out? (the doctor takes it out) how does the baby eat? (through its belly button) is the baby wearing socks? (probably not)
  • At Sams tonight. Reagan said “ha, ha, we missed our naps!” with a smirk on her face.  And this was fine with me because ha, ha, the kids went to bed at 7 and now I am sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and a smirk on my face!

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